Barry-Wehmiller Network

PLC-5 Remote Upgrade

Upgrade Description
The Upgrade replaces the obsolete Allen-Bradley PLC-5 system.
Upgrade Features
Includes machine specific engineering, Rockwell Automation PLC system including I/O rack and modules, and power supply. Includes updated software, updated prints, maintenance and parts manual updates.
One Required Per Machine:
DECC Dry End Remote
DECC Emulator
Downstacker (One Required Per Level)

This upgrade requires WinDECC Controls Upgrade with Windows 7.

Upgrade Benefits

Helps to prevent possible extended downtime due to failed obsolete components.
Includes Internet Access and Connectivity for Remote PLC Troubleshooting Assistance.
DECC must be upgraded prior to machine upgrades

NOTE: Only applies to DECC’s with the WinDECC controls upgrade.

NOTE: If DECC has an Emulator PLC-5, must upgrade both. Download Brochure
PLC-5 close up 480x300
PLC-5 480x300


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