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Alpha R

The efficient and versatile ruling machine for manufacturing pre-products for subsequent processing into spiral-bound and glue-bound articles.
Paper Ruling Machine: Alpha R Paper Ruling Machine: Alpha R: Potential System Solutions Products, Spiral Binding Exercise Book Making Machine: Inline Deep Pile
Web width 580 - 970 mm
Reel diameter max. 1200 mm
Printing and cutting length 300 - 670 mm
(in steps of 5 mm)
Pile height 1000 mm (including pallet)
Layer thickness 5 - 50 sheets
max. 5 mm (unfolded)
Speed max. 300 m/min.

Description Alpha R
1 Unwind stand
2 Ruling tower with 4 ruling inkers (option: 6 inkers)
3 Option: Longitudinal perforation
4 Cross cutter
5 Overlapping
6 Option: Counting and collecting station
7 Option: Cover inserter
8 Option: Second/third/fourth cover inserter
9 Deep pile delivery
10 Tab inserter

System solutions for Alpha R
• Machines for spiral and double wire binding or pad making
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