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Alpha F

The ideal solution for semi-automatic production of exercise books and folded sheets.
Exercise Book Making Machine: Alpha F Overview Exercise Book Making Machine: End Products Exercise Book Making Machine: Trimmer Exercise Book Making Machine: Book Delivery Exercise Book Making Machine: Stitching Heads
Web width 580 - 970 mm
Layer sizes length: 300 - 500 mm
width: 580 - 970 mm
Layer thickness max. 10 mm (folded)
Number of stitching heads standard: 8, optional as required
Speed max. 60 strokes/min.

Description Alpha F
1 Manual infeed of layers
2 Manual infeed of covers (option: automatic cover inserter)
3 Stitching unit
4 Folding unit
5 Square back pressing unit
6 Separating and trimming unit
7 Overlapped book delivery

System solutions for Alpha F
• Shrink wrapping machine
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