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P 12-49

The semi automatic P 12-49 is a highly sophisticated solution for the fabrication of steel spiral and double-wire stationery products. It can be used for small and medium runs, from cut-to-size paper to the finished product.
Automatic Binding Machine: Machine Overview P12-49 Automatic Binding Machine: Endproducts
Technical details
imperial metric
Manual infeed max. 60/min
Number of partial layers max. min. 10
Punching cycles paper max. 120/min
Punching cycles feeder section max. 120/min
Binding cycles 1-up max. 60/min
Binding cycles 2-up max. 2x60 = 120/min
Bound edge 1-up
Machine without separation cut unit
max. min. 13”
5 3/4”
330 mm
148 mm
Bound edge 1-up
Machine with separation cut unit
max. min. 13”
6 5/16”
330 mm
160 mm
Bound edge 2-up
Machine with separation cut unit
max. min. 6 5/16”
160 mm
75 mm
Unbound edge max. min. 13”
330 mm
75 mm
Product thickness steel spiral max. min. 1 3/16”
30 mm
2 mm
Diameter steel spiral max. min. 1 3/4”
44 mm
8 mm
Product thickness double wire max. min. 3/4”
20 mm
2 mm
Diameter double wire max. min. 1”
25,4 mm
6,35 mm


  • Optimal for small and medium runs
  • High productivity, quality and flexibility
  • Additional upgrades possible
  • Short change over times
  • Automatic feeder section for flexible and nonflexible covers, inlays, pockets and dividers including punching
  • Corner rounding
  • Half sheet feeder
  • Separation cut for small sizes
  • Double-wire from spool or inline double wire forming machine P 44-96 or ProLoop
  • Back cover turning
  • Alternate delivery and collecting
  • Extension a packaging machine
  • Possible upgrade to a fully automatic Version with integrated ruling machine




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