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AMECO Rotogravure Proofing Press

Ameco Proofing Press with a wide range of sizes for multiple industry sectors such as Security, Envelope, Label, Packaging and Decorative Printing or Publication.
Ameco Raster Rotogravure Proofing Presses For Gravure Cylinders





Giving maximum proof length of 1500 mm from engraved cylinders of 290 mm to 600 mm circumference and maximum printing face widths of 1000 to 1300 mm

Security, envelope and label printing sectors


Giving maximum proof lengths of either 2600 mm or 3500 mm from engraved cylinders of 350 mm to 1200 mm circumference and maximum printing face widths of 1300, 1600, 1800, 2000 or 2400 mm

Packaging and decorative printing sectors.


Giving maximum proof lengths of either 5000 mm or 6000 mm from engraved cylinders of 800 mm to 1500 mm circumference and maximum printing face widths of 2000, 2400, 2800, 3200 or 4200 mm

Decorative and publication sectors

  • Hydraulic drives: All linear and rotary drives on the machines are hydraulically powered. The hydraulics are integrated with the PLC controls through a series of relays and proportional valves.
  • Shafted & Sleeve Cylinders: Presses can be constructed for handling shafted cylinders, sleeve cylinders or both.
  • Integrated Cylinder Cleaning: Both shafted and sleeve cylinders are rotated by and integrated hydraulic Motor
  • Automated Pre-Setting: These systems have been developed to assist in achieving standardization/repeatability of proof print quality. By programming the machine to make all the calculations for the various press settings for different sizes of engraved cylinders, the individual press operators” personal interpretation of these required values is eliminated.
  • Electro Static Assist: This system is available to customers proofing on paper who wish to reduce or eliminate the effects of “missing dots” when printing on non-calendered surfaces.
  • Common Features: PLC Control System, EU Safety Compliant
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