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SheetWizard Dual Rotary Sheeter

The SheetWizard offers flexible and cost-effective configurations to suit many converters, folding carton plants, and mills. The SheetWizard can run both paper and board and provides superior cut quality and accuracy. The MarquipWardUnited SheetWizard is designed around the unique dual-rotary knife. Learn more about the SheetWizard.

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metric imperial
Sheet Width max. 1650 mm
1850 mm
Reel Width optional 1700 mm
1900 mm
Reel Diameter max.
1850 mm
2100 mm
Reel Weight max. 3410 Kg 7500 lbs
Core Diameter min.
76 mm
305 mm
Speed max. 335 m/min 1100 ft/min
Length Accuracy Single Web + / - 0.38 mm (0.015”)
Length Accuracy Multi Web + / - 0.5 mm (0.020”)
Knife max. 1000 gsm
Slitter max. 600 gsm
Sheet Length min.
400 mm
1650 mm
Superior Knife Performance
The SheetWizard Sheeter is designed around the unique MarquipWardUnited’s dual-rotary knife. Tangentially mounted blades on the knife reduce the unsupported blade length and with 1000 GSM loading, the blades can be sharpened while in the machine. The stronger supported blades provide cleaner cuts and less vibration, tuning and sharpening for longer blade life.

Delivery options such as vacuum sheet tail arrest and driven soft nip snubber tapes, sensitive materials can be delivered at higher speeds without surface marking. 

Standard Features:  
  • Knife cylinders designed for higher speeds on short sheets
  • 460 mm (18 in) diameter pull roll system on multi-web applications
  • PC based control system with menu storage and remote diagnostics
  • Liquid cooled motor and drives using less power and creating less noise
Options Including:
  • Programmable decurling
  • Digital assist or automatic slitter setting
  • Web Cleaning
  • Cut to register
  • Reject gate linked to splice detector
  • Advanced overlapping for reduced sheet marking
  • Automatic pallet change enables the SheetWizard sheeter to be configured for the widest range of sheeter applications with future upgrading always possible.




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