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eCon Dual Rotary Sheeter

The eCon Sheeter is a world-class machine at an affordable price. Advanced techniques and innovative engineering processes have been used to design a simple and reliable machine that will produce the sheet quality and accuracy demanded by modern, high-speed, offset press manufacturers. Learn more about the eCon Sheeter.

The eCon Sheeter is a world class machine for an affordable price. Folio Sheeter: eCon Blowdown system Folio Sheeter: eCon knife
metric imperial
Sheet Width max. 1650 mm 65”
Reel Width max. 1700 mm 67”
Reel Diameter max. 1830 mm 72”
Reel Weight max. 3410 Kg 7500 lbs
Core Diameter min.
76 mm
305 mm
Speed max. 300 m/min 980 ft/min
Sheet Length Accuracy Single Web + / - 0.38 mm (0.015”)
Sheet Length Accuracy Multi Web + / - 0.5 mm (0.020” )
Knife max. 1000 gsm*
Slitter max. 600 gsm
* On some heavier materials trials may be required to establish decurler suitability
Sheet Length min. 400 mm 15.75”
Sheet Length With Shingling
2080 mm
Stack Height
1500 mm
1800 mm

• Low level reel trolleys are installed to allow safe and easy reel loading.
• The dual position shaftless unwind loads reels directly from the floor or loading trolley.
• The decurler section incorporates 2 or 4 x dual diameter roller decurlers.
• A2 position slitting system.
• The most advanced Sheeter knife in the world
• Pulsed airjets at the overlap section provides better reliability at higher running speeds
• The stacker provides side jogging for great stack quality.
• Advanced PC based control system. The HMI has intuitive clear functionality and advanced on screen diagnostics.
Optional Features
• A two or four position edge guiding system
• Sensors detect joints in the web and automatically reject them to the waste bin
• Full width dual sided web cleaner
• Reject gate
• Tab inserters




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