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Wrapmatic GRSX

The scalable Wrapmatic GRSX folio size ream wrapper grows with your production needs. From a basic wrapping table to a semi-automatic to even a fully automatic version, this machine evolves. It handles palletized paper and plastic sheets and other flat materials, ranging from 20 up to 600 gsm.
GRSX folio size wrapping machine Manual hand wrapping Optional robotic arm solutions Wrapped folio reams on pallet Scalable from wrapping table to semi-automatic to fully automatic
 Technical Data
Ream width 279 mm (min.)  1,200 mm (max.)
Ream length 420 mm (min.)  1,400 mm (max.)
Ream thickness 15 mm (min.)  130 mm (max.)
Ream Height
(End Fold)
25 mm (min.)  130 mm (max.)
Ream Height
(Over Fold)
15 mm (min.)  50 mm (max.)
Ream Weight 5 kg (min.)   80 kg (max.)
Stack Height incl. pallet 1,200 or 1,800 mm pile height
up to 3-4 reams (wrapping table)
up to 8 reams (semi-/full automatic)
Suitable products for
Paper, Paper Board, Carbonless
Paper, Synthetic Paper,
Plastic Sheet Materials
(paper) Grades
20 - 600 gsm
Wrapping material Kraft & Poly Coated Paper (coated internally) 80- 120 gsm
Reel: max. dia. 1,000 mm & 76 mm core
Ream Feeding Manual
Infeed Options Single, Double or Triple Stack
Palletizer Options Single, Double/Quad Stack
Machine Operation Electro-Mechanical/Pneumatic
 Reel Changeover
 5 - 10 Minutes
 Required Operators Wrapping table: 3 (or 2 for small sizes)
Semi auto: 3 (or 2 for small sizes)
Full auto: 1 plus 1 assistant (part-time)

From simple wrapping table to fully automatic wrapping - this upgradeable wrapper is what you need

Folio ream wrapper expertise for paper & board converters

The new GRSX (Grande Risme Super Excellent) clearly brings together the long-standing experience of the Wrapmatic product line. This new low and medium capacity wrapper was designed for companies starting their business with a future growth plan ahead or for those converters that currently are hand-wrapping their products and need to reduce labor overhead expenses.

3 base versions - scaled to your need

The GRSX is available in three base, upgradeable versions:

  • Wrapping Table: A mainly manual machine that greatly improves the product quality compared to hand-wrapping. The ergonomic infeed and wrapping height reduces operator fatigue. And with its automatic cutting of wrapping material to selected length and width as well as automatic palletizing, the output is at 3-4 reams per minute
  • Semi-automatic wrapper: Automatic girth gluing, end gluing and folding are added to the wrapping table - increasing the output to 8 reams per minute
  • Fully automatic wrapper: Once your business flourishes, you can upgrade your GRSX to become a fully automatic ream wrapper including automatic girth folding
    What all versions have in common: simple and ergonomic operation, quick changeover functions requiring no tools, precision adjustments for constant and high wrapping quality. 

Infeed stack and palletizing options available

Based on the product sizes you need to wrap, the GRSX can be optionally configured for single, double or even triple stack infeed. An optional conveyor is required for more than a single stack. At the palletizer, a double/quad stack configuration is available as option, providing full flexibility for product sizes wrapped.

Maximize your ROI significantly - by increasing product output and reducing the number of operators

Without investing in a new folio ream wrapper, you can just later upgrade your GRSX to a semi or even completely automatic wrapper. And adding a second machine means
doubled output and less total operators - as they support two machines at a time.
Possible add-ons could even include auto infeed up to robotic solutions.

  • Auto infeed
  • Robotic solutions




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