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SLK Procut

The SLK Procut, available with 2 up to 6 pockets, is a flexible sheeter for the converting of various paper types, grades, and sizes. Its various options include punching, perforating, or printing, allowing you to produce popular office products on only one line.
Cut-Size Sheeter for A4 Paper Production: SLK ProCut Cut-Size Paper Production: SLK Procut overview Cut-Size Paper Production: Discharge
Working Width (max.) 600 mm (SLK Procut 2)
920 mm (SLK Procut 4)
1,350 mm (SLK Procut 6)
Pockets 2 / 4 / 6
Reel width (min.) 450 mm
Reel width (max.) 675 - 1,425 mm
Reel diameter (mm) 1,500 mm
Ream height (max.) 110 mm
Output (reams per min.) 40 - 120 reams
Speed (max.) 500 m/min.
Working strokes 20
Size width (min.) 180 (146) mm
Size length 210 mm (min.)
520 mm (max.)
Cutting tolerance +/- 0.2 mm
Cross cutter knife load (max.) 600 gsm

Versatility – key to fast growth & niche markets

Flexible converting of various office products
The paper converting industry is very competitive, however still offers interesting niche markets. The more flexibility you can offer your customers, the faster your order volume will grow.
The SLK Procut sheeter, available with 2 up to 6 pockets, can convert the complete range of popular paper and office products – cut-size papers, specialty papers, photographic papers, even overhead transparencies. Ideal for smaller,
specialized converters of paper and office products!
All products on one line with integrated converting modules
You can integrate a wide range of converting modules in the SLK Procut, such as rotary punching, perforating, printing or embossing. There is no limit set on your entrepreneurial goals!
Excellent cut quality and precision
Like all cut-size sheeters from WillPemcoBielomatik, the SLK Procut guarantees excellent cut and ream quality. A precision cross cutter with advanced knife technology
ensures that all quality standards (angle accuracy, cutting tolerance and cut quality) are fulfilled.

Perfect cross cutter knife systems for every material
Depending on the application and the material, different high quality cross cutter systems are available so that you are always able to offer your customers outstanding
cut quality products.

Simple operation, quick size changes & an accessible machine design saves time and money
Flexible and quick size change features and an easily accessible machine design guarantee cost-efficient and simple operation.
Short maintenance times and easily exchangable aggregates round out this user-friendly machine. This sheeter not only saves a lot of time but also offers smooth and trouble-free production runs.

System solutions for cut-size sheeter SLK Procut
This flexible sheeter can be integrated inline with
• WillPemcoBielomatik packaging machines, e.g.
• Ream wrapper
• Ream stacker / accumulator
• Case packer
• Kugler-Womako binding machines (glue or spiral bound products)
  • Integration of converting modules (rotary punching, cut-to-register, perforating, printing, embossing, cover inserting)
  • Punching, perforating, printing and more allow you to produce popular small office or home office products on only one line




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