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P 32-02

The P 32-02 cut-size sheeter is suited for small to medium production runs. As an option, it can be combined with and inline ream wrapper and cartomizer. This 2-pocket-wide machine offers the reliable converting of sheet sizes of A4, A3, 8 1/2“ x 11“ or 11“ x 17“.
Cut-Size Sheeter for A4 Paper Production: P32-02 A4 Paper Production: P 32-02 Endproduct Cut-Size Sheeter: P 32-02 Wrapper Cut-Size Sheeter: P 32-02 Cross Cutter A4 Paper Production: P 32-02 Tape Section Cut-Size Sheeter: P 32-02 Slitter
metric imperial
Paper reel diameter (max.) 1,530 mm (max.) 60” (max.)
Paper reel width (max.) 1,200 mm (max.) 47.2” (max.)
Working width cross cutter (max.) 520 mm (max) 20.5” max)
Paper weight
- Convo knife
- Synchro knife
min. 40 g/m2, max. 160 g/m2
max. 500 g/m2
Core diameter
- mech. self clamping or
- hydraulic clamping
70 - 190 mm 2.75” - 7.5”
Production speed (max.) 500 m/min. 1,640 ft/min.
Cutting frequency (dep. on
cut-off length) (max.)
1,700 per minute (max.)
Cut-off length
- Convo knife

130 mm (min.)
470 mm (max.)
5.12” (min.)
18.5” (max.)
Cut-off length
- Synchro knife
as per fixed synchro cutting length
Cutting tolerance +/- 0.15 mm +/- 0.006”
Ream height
depending on collection station

1 mm - 70 mm 
10 mm - 127 mm
depending on collecting station

0.04” - 2.75”
0.4” -5”
depending on collecting station
Exit cycles (max.)
depending on collecting station
15 or 30 per minute (max.)
depending on collecting station
Reams (max.)
depending on collecting station
30 or 60 per minute (max.)
depending on collecting station

• Different unwind systems for any demand
• Cutting with highest precision
• Reject gate for rejecting splices with counting correction in collecting
• Register cut possible, size correction on every cut
• Fast & easy change-over of sizes on sheeter and wrapper
• Glue applicator outside of machine for easy access
• Sheet or reel feeder for economc feeding of wrapping paper

• Turning unit in front of wrapper for reams in A3 / 11“ x 17“ size
• Wrapping systems for different demands
• A5 size
• Flexo ruling for loose leaves
• Conventional knife block or synchro knife block, depending on required output and cut-off length
• Narrow reels without turning bars in line with sheeter
• Different collecting stations optimized for different capacities and ream heights
• Splice detector
• 5-pockets wide reels
• Rotative hole punching for file holes
• Special knife drum for bleed-out at 12“ and 8 1/2“ print length for production of true A4 size
• Detecting of print marks for cut to register
• Automatic web edge control to minimize trim




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