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Model 137HS

The Model 137HS ream stacker/accumulator precisely stacks reams to preset height and ensures smooth product handling.
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  metric  imperial
Package size
175 - 470 mm (length)
195 - 355 mm (width)
10 - 90 mm (height)
7" - 18.5" (length)
7.6" - 14" (width)
0.4" - 3.5" (height)
stack height
460 mm 18"
 up to 150 reams/minute
Full control in stacking of up to 150 reams per minute
The Model 137HS ream stacker/accumulator is available as a last-in/first-out (LIFO) or a first-in/first-out (FIFO) configuration and provides exceptional control in stacking standard U.S. or metric ream sizes. An accumulator belt ensures that stacked reams can be diverted if production stops and be fed in again once it resumes.
Simple operation with touchscreen interface
A touchscreen simplifies machine operation. The Model 137HS is a self-contained machine with PLC and its open design allows for complete access and easy maintenance.
Stacker system with single or double stacking capability
The belt infeed conveyor is driven by an electric motor. A cam-operated ream pusher carefully moves the reams towards elevator system. The descending elevator stacks
reams to preset height. It offers both single and double stacking capability.
Accumulating system and conveyor
Logic controls monitor the line status for accumulating or discharging and automatically transfer ream stacks to accumulator belt when production downstream is interrupted. Accumulator conveyor starts if backlog is detected and automatically feeds stacks back in line when downstream production resumes. An operator warning sounds when accumulator belt is activated.
System solutions for ream stacker/accumulator Model 137HS
This reliable ream stacker/accumulator can be part of a complete sheeting and packaging line, it is easily combined inline with
• WillPemcoBielomatik cut-size sheeters (e.g. SLK Procut (2-6) pockets)
• Further WillPemcoBielomatik packaging machines
• Ream wrapper
• Ream labeler
• Ream inspection/rejection
• Ream stacker/accumulator
• Case labeler
• Case inspection/rejection
• Lift and turn unit: This optional feature allows a maximum input speed of 150 reams per minute in A4 or Letter size double stack configuration
• LIFO 360 or 540 ream capacity
• FIFO 360, 480 or 600 ream capacity




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