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Model 124

The Model 124 Ream Inspection allows for precise, accurate inspection of wrapped reams and automatic, in-line rejection of defective reams.
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Package size
254 - 520 mm (length) 
178 - 360 mm (width)
19 - 127 mm (height)
10" - 20.5" (length)
7" - 14" (width)
0.75" - 5" (height)
 up to 150 reams/minute

Precise inspection of up to 150 reams per minute
The Model 124 ream inspector ensures consistent ream quality. It inspects each ream, before they get into the case, for possible defects like loose flaps, open girth seal, pulled out tuck, trailing labels or out-of-package sheets. In case a defective ream is detected, it will be automatically rejected in-line and diverted to a storage conveyor.

Simple operation with touch screen interface
A touch screen simplifies machine operation. The Model 124 is a self-contained machine with PLC . Its open design allows for complete access and easy maintenance. The operator will be warned once the reject conveyor is full.

Option: Missed label detection system
The optional infrared missed label detection system inspects for presence of hot melt labels.

Option: Label vision system
An optional vision system inspects for presence and correct placement of a label. The stand alone system requires no special software and is easy to set up. Tolerances are adjustable.

Option: Laser end fold system
Two laser units inspects all or part of each wrapped-ream end-fold, providing an additional inspection for optimal ream quality. The stand-alone unit with dedicated PLC is added upstream of Model 124 and offers a visual determination of poor quality or faulted reams based on ream-fold angles, double folds, and other wrapping qualities. Non-conforming reams will trigger rejection on the Model 124 ream rejector.

Various wrapping materials and ream sizes can be handled by the system - including quick order changeovers in less than 5 minutes. A touch screen system for operator control, setup and adjustment of inspection tolerance levels greatly facilitates operation.

System solutions for ream inspection/rejection Model 124
This reliable ream inspector/rejector can be part of a complete sheeting and packaging line, it is easily combined inline with
• Various WillPemcoBielomatik cut-size (e.g. SLK Procut) or digital-size (e.g. SHM Digicut) sheeter models
• Further WillPemcoBielomatik packaging machines
  • Ream wrapper
  • Ream stacker / accumulator
  • Case packer/lidder

    • Missed label detection system
    • Label "vision" system
    • Laser end fold system




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