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Model 123

Precise inspections of all cases for defects and packaging quality, including a simple,
ergonomic case re-insertion mode
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   metric imperial 
Package size
210 - 520 mm (length) 
210 - 360 mm (width)
76 - 445 mm (height)
8.25" - 20.5" (length)
8.25" - 14" (width)
3" - 17.5" (height)
   up to 30 cases/minute
Quality assurance by the case

Precise inspection of up to 30 cases per minute
The Model 123 case inspector is designed to precisely inspect all cases for defects and packaging quality. Each time a new size is introduced, the operator sends a good quality case through the system. On the touchscreen, the operator then pushes the “teach” button which ensures all following cases will be inspected according to the first approved case.

Reliable case rejection with re-insertion mode
Any case that is not approved will be rejected in-line. Pop-up reject rollers ensure a smooth transfer to a storage conveyor. A case re-insertion mode provides the operator with a simple, ergonomic method for reinserting rejected cases.

Simple operation with touch screen interface
A touch screen simplifies machine operation. The Model 123 is a self-contained machine with PLC . Its open design allows for complete access and easy maintenance. Fast size changeovers of 5 minutes or less with no manual adjustmens ensure minimum downtimes.

System solutions for case inspection/rejecion Model 123
This reliable case inspector/rejector can be part of a complete sheeting and packaging line, it is easily combined inline with
• Various WillPemcoBielomatik cut-size (e.g. SLK Procut) or digital-size (e.g. SHM Digicut) sheeter models
• Further WillPemcoBielomatik packaging machines
• Ream wrapper
• Ream stacker / accumulator
• Case packer/lidder

Option: Missed label detection system
The optional infrared missed label detection system in-spects for presence of hot melt labels.
Option: Label vision system
An optional vision system inspects for presence and correct
placement of a label. The stand alone system requires no
special software and is easy to set up. Tolerances are adjustable




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