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Vanguard Singlefacers | Pressure Roll Singlefacers

BW Papersystems offers the Vanguard Singlefacer, a low maintenance, high performance pressure roll Singlefacer designed for maximum productivity. Learn more

Corrugator Components: Vanguard Singlefacer
  • Speed: 400 mpm (1300 fpm)
  • Widths: 2.5 m (98 inches)      2.85 m (112”)

Designed for Maximum Productivity    

  1. Pressure roll design for running maximum paper grades at high speed
  2. Superior liner to medium bonding for maximum board strength
  3. Optimally design corrugated rolls
    1. Minimal crowns for superior cross machine formation of all flutes
    2. Optimal flute formation for maximum board strength
    3. Maximum stability for high speed throughput

Infusion Pre-Conditioning

  1. Superior flute formation
  2. Precision control of paper tension
  3. Effective for all flute profiles & paper grades
  4. Maximum strength with minimal fiber

Unique Split Frame Design

  1. Rollaway glue section for effective & efficient housekeeping
  2. Unrestricted access to machine’s interior for maintenance
  3. Rollout Corrugated Roll cassette for effective flute changes

Durable Design

  1. Designed for years of low cost reliable operation
  2. Provides maximum uptime and minimal downtime
  3. Low cost of ownership with maximum return
  • Heavy board high speed option




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