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Saber Cutoff Knife

Industry leading cut length vs speed curve while maintaining low power consumption levels
  • Minimum sheet lenght: 430 mm (17 inch)
  • Industries leading cut length accuracy

     Corrugating equipment - saber cutoff knife-technical details

  • Superior Cut Length vs. Speed Performance
  • Lowest Energy Consumption
  • Designed for Greater Levels of Reliability
  • Easy, Safe Operator and Maintenance Access
  • Reduced Maintenance Increases Uptime
  • The Crushless Corrugator Knife
  • Cut-To-Leading Edge
  • TailTracker
  • Knife outfeed section (standard with 200L) - required for speeds greater than 365 mpm (1200 fpm) or for running very heavy boards.
  • Optional Diverter removes splices and end of order trim sheets immediately after the knife. Requires 890 mm (35”) between knife levels and a compatible MarquipWardUnited Downstacker
  • Cut-to-Mark with pre-print mark recognition
  • Choice of either 635 mm (25”) or 890mm (35”) between knife levels.
  • Highspeed (HS) extreme cylinders for extreme applications




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