Barry-Wehmiller Network


Robotic setup for precise accuracy with plunge activation for line speed order changes
Machine Overview of RPS Slitter/Scorer Incredibly narrow trim width specification allows significant payback in trim waste reduction
  • Dry end order changes are easily performed at speeds of 300 mpm (1000 fpm)
  • The Trim Switch™ (patent pending) feature ensures the downstream slitting section (adjacent to the trim chutes) always starts the new order trim.
  • Tool setup accuracy of +/- 0.4 mm (0.015”) allows you to consistently meet critical box specifications.
  • Guards swing away to provide improved access to the tooling heads
  • Touch-screen operator interface enhances control
  • Industries narrowest trim specification allows significant payback in trim waste reduction.
  • Line Speed production quality  order changes improve productivity.
  • Industry-leading head setup accuracy.
  • Excellent operator & maintenance access.
  • Small footprint, single station machine.
  • Simple design with low maintenance requirements.
  • Narrow score tool spacing to yield maximum scoring flexibility.
  • Excellent slit quality through the use of the rotating anvil supporting the board at the point of cut.
  • Efficient production of short orders.


  • Additional automatic setup score section 
  • Up to 32 score lines per section
  • Centered trim shoot option for split roll operation
  • Manual setup section for custom scores




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