Barry-Wehmiller Network

Millennium Singlefacer

Belted style Single Facer with quick cassette change capability
Corrugator Components: Millenium Singlefacer
  • Speed: 460 mpm (1500 fpm)
  • Widths: 2.5 m (98 inches)      2.85 m (112 inches)
Unique Belt Design   
  1. Maximum board caliper
  2. Elimination of flute lines
  3. Ability to run all paper grades
  4. Ability to run printed liners at the single facer

Infusion Medium Pre-Conditioning

  1. Superior Flute Formation
  2. Effective for all flute profiles & paper grades
  3. Maximum strength with minimal fiber

Optional Liner Conditioning (Infusion Plus)

  1. Optimal liner conditioning
  2. Maximum bonding with optimal glue application
  3. Flatter board

User Friendly Flute Change

  1. 5 minute no-tool flute change
  2. Side loading modules for maximum flexibility
  3. Pre-heated modules for immediate production

Durable Design

  1. Designed for years of low cost reliable operation
  2. Provides maximum uptime and minimal downtime
  3. Low cost of ownership with maximum return
  • Optional 2850 mm (112 inch) machine widths




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