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Eagle Glue Machine

Operator and Maintenance friendly Glue Machine designed to provide precise application of starch
Glue-Machine-4 Glue-Machine-3 Glue-Machine Glue Machine Detail
  • Width: 2.5 m (98 inch) or 2.85 m (112 inch)
  • Speed: 460 mpm (1500 fpm)
  • Precision motorized glue gap control automatically adjusts the quantity and pattern of glue which is transferred to the flute
  • Rider Roll with automatic Soft Touch™ Gap control
  • Precise rider roll gap adjustment ensures proper adhesive transfer even with micro-flute.
  • Glue Transfer Mechanism rolls out for easy clean-up, inspection and maintenance.
  • Inclined, low-volume glue pan design eliminates starch gelling. Facilitates wash up, and automatically controls starch level.
  • Regenerative drive modules reduce energy consumption.
  • Curved Preheater Plate for bottom liner
  • Infusion™ capability
  • Preheater Drums for the singleface web
  • Tight Tolerance Glue System
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