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Downstacker | Corrugated Stacker

The BW Papersystems' Downstacker provides superior stack quality at high speeds. Learn more about our operator-friendly design today.

Corrugator Components: Downstacker Corrugator Components: Downstacker Superior Stack Quality with the BW Papersystems Downstacker

Available speeds:

  • 250 mpm (820 fpm)
  • 300 mpm (1000 fpm)
  • 350 mpm (1150 fpm)
  • 400 mpm (1300 fpm)
  • 460 mpm (1500 fpm)
  • Superior Stack Quality
  • Minimized Recovery Time for Short Order Efficiency
  • Enhanced Microflute Capability
  • Gap stop feature
  • Multi-order stacking
  • Sync vac system enhances ability to run microflute board
  • Custom catwalk configurations
  • Dual discharge

Partner with BW Papersystems’ for your Next Downstacker Machine

High speed automatic operation coupled with precise quality stacks are the core of BW Papersystems Downstacker. Any corrugator can benefit from a new BW Papersystems Downstacker and get perfectly stacked sheets of corrugated board in return.

This machine will assist your converting operations by providing your team with the uniform stacks, specific heights, and effortless feeding of board into your FFG’s and RDC’s. The benefits of this equipment to your operation result in a shortened ROI period.

Contact BW Papersystems for more information and to discuss your application in detail.




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