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Corrugator Splicers

BW Papersystems is a leading corrugator splicer manufacturer and supplier. Learn more about our compact, high-speed splicers today.
BW Papersystems IMX Splicer and Roll Stand
  • 225 to 400 MPM (750 TO 1300 FPM) splicing capability
  • Average corrugator running speed is increased: Liner splices can be made at full corrugator speed with superior splicing reliability.
  • Steel splice sealing nip rolls create a stronger splice.
  • Digital automatic tension control.
  • Light weight paper splicing capability.
  • Direct LOGIC PLC controls.
  • Corefinder™ automatic splice initiation.
  • Easy splice preparation.
  • Touch-screen operator and maintenance interface.
  • Cool lighting system.
  • Lost production from missed splices and web breakouts is reduced.
  • Board quality is improved with steady corrugator run Speeds.
  • End of roll waste is dramatically reduced.
  • Hot plate waste during corrugator stops is reduced.
  • Flute fracturing is eliminated.
  • Web wrinkle is reduced.
  • Warp from poor tension control is eliminated.
  • Digital Tension Control Feature.
  • Touch-Screen Operator and Maintenance Interface.
  • Optical splice initiation system automatically triggers a splice as the expiring web leaves the core
  • Automatic index system automatically positions the web at the splice nip roll centerline
  • Zero tail option allows splicing with no unsealed splice tail
  • Laser roll aligner provides an easy and precise cross-machine reference position for the operator to accurately position the new roll prior to preparing a splice
  • Tension leveling roll system reduces cross corrugator tension variation for improved reliability and process control




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