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Cool-Vac Doublefacer

Vacuum Traction Section eliminates crush and web weave while improving board quality
Doublefacer MarquipWardUnited’s Cool-Vac Doublefacer design minimizes the length of the pulling section and allows the heating length to be easily configured for given space and product mix requirements. Corrugator Components: Cool-Vac Doublefacer Belts Hot Plates on the CoolVac Doublefacer
Available in 2 configurations:

Roller System (RS) Heavy-Duty Doublefacer
The holddown system is comprised of precise liquid-filled weight rolls.

Roller System benefits:
• Provides even distribution of belt pressure for optimum heat transfer and excellent
• The rolls do not warp. This eliminates board quality defects, even after a stop.
• Weight rolls produce less drag on the belt, resulting in energy savings.
• There is no need to eliminate load on the belt edges as a paper width changes. This
ensures consistently good bonding across the entire web.

Heat Press (HP) Sliding Shoe System
The Heat Press system is a unique shoe design that is stiff in the cross machine direction. If only a small amount of web is under the shoe, the shoe will not tilt down.

Heat Press benefits:
• Provides excellent bonding while eliminating board crush.
• Ensures superior bond at the board edges regardless of the web width.
• Eliminates the need for “outside shoe offloading systems” and eliminates the belt wear associated with typical shoe systems that do not offload.
• Relatively simple system with few mechanical parts. Sections of holddown can be lifted or lowered by selecting any one of a series of Computer controlled zone hold-down section versus speed curves to accommodate various board grades.
  • Vacuum Traction Section eliminates the possibility of board crush in the traction section. Superior traction is provided without the use of a nip to pull the board. Board caliper and stiffness are increased.
  • Vacuum Traction Section removes steam from the flutes, curing the board as it exits the doublefacer. Board can be converted or shipped sooner.
  • Gun-drilled steel hot plates virtually eliminate cupping and deflection normally experienced with conventional doublefacers.
  • Modular design allows hot plate length to be optimized for the board grades and required speeds.
  • 460 mpm (1500 fpm) high speed option
  • Additional Heating Sections
  • Hot Plate Infusion Capability to provide high energy transfer to the moving web
  • Steam and Condensate headers
  • Doublefacer Steam System with three-zone control
  • Interface to Wet End Supervisory Control System




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