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Complete Corrugators

Select your section of interest on this layout of a complete corrugator to find out more about our ​corrugator components.

  • Singlefacer Glue Machine Downstacker Cut-Off Knife Slitter/Scorer Doublefacer Shear Roll Stands Splicer MCS Complete Corrugator Layout


BW Papersystems, and its brand MarquipWardUnited, is a leading supplier of complete corrugators tailored to meet your production needs.

With our long-lasting commitment to the market we supply complete corrugators and offer a variety of configurations designed to suit your individual needs.  

As market requirements are constantly changing, we are always working on integrating the best solutions for your requirements into our corrugators. Reacting on the need for increased uptime, we have implemented high speed order change on our Slitter/Scorer (RPS Express) and we are the leader in splicer reliability. Our corrugators were designed to also handle lighter basis weight papers.

We are your single supplier for a proven solution. The modular design of our machines and the high performance levels exactly tailored to your needs, combined with the years of experience in our flexible MarquipWardUnited corrugator lines, allow us to meet smaller capacity requirements with flexible production and speed up to 300 MPM and also highest capacity requirements with speed up to 460 MPM. 

Our parts and service team will support you 24/7 with upgrades and services to ensure that your machine stays up to date to avoid obsolescence and be on top of the technical and productivity market requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and to discuss with our Sales Team about your exact needs. You can also find out more about our Corrugator components here.

Find out what a recent client has to say about our corrugator line.

Watch this video to learn more about one of our recent installations:

Complete corrugator line video from Kapstone

Watch this video to see a complete corrugator installation in a timelapse:

Timelapse Installation video

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    • OneStackofcorrugatedcardboardsheets
    • IntegratedWetEndControlSystem
    • Hyraulicallyarmsforupdownandopenclosemovements
    • RollStandwithDigitalScreen
    • Tensioncontrolbyairbrake
    • OneoftheQuietestSinglefacersintheMarket
    • Slitandscoretoolsareaccuratelypositionedbyindependentservomotors
    • Helicalwoundbladeswithservomotorcontrolprovidescuttingaccuracyof-1mm
    • Downstackerasastandardoptionalupstackerwithintelligentconveyorandbayliftcontrolsavailable

    Value Corrugator Series

    The Value Corrugator line is reliable and cost effective, with a value on cost-to-performance ratio. The Value Corrugator, and its comprehensive management system, fits well in markets that require high volume of order changes, with moderate demand for product output for narrow to wide widths.

    • Twostacksofcorrugatedcardboardsheets
    • IntegratedWetEndControlSystem
    • PressureTypeSinglefacerwithQuickRollChange
    • Hyraulicallyarmsforupdownandopenclosemovements
    • Gun-drilledsteelhotplatesvirtuallyeliminatecuppinganddeflection
    • DualRotaryShearLowdiverterangleimprovesdivertreliablity
    • RPS-ExpressSlitter-ScorerIndustry-leadingheadsetupaccuracy
    • SaberKnifeReliablehigh-speedinstantorderchange
    • SaberKnifeWalk-inaccessisconvenientandsafe
    • DownstackerReliablehigh-speedorderchange
    • ExpertadvicebyphoneandthroughremoteaccessviamodemVPNsoftwarehardware
    • SupportingMaintenanceTrainingSparePartsTechnicalFieldService

    Harmony Corrugator Series

    The Harmony corrugator is designed for customers looking for a value on cost-to-performance, and a “crushless” corrugator that offers quality board to satisfy their market requests. This is a customized solution with a modular design to meet the needs of our customers.

    • ThreeStacksofcorrugatedcardboardsheets
    • SignatureSplicer-Highspeedsplicingcapability
    • TheAdvantageSinglefaceracceptsthewidestvarietyofmediumsandlinerstoproducesuperiorboardquality
    • SteadyBondGlueMachine
    • DualRotaryShearLowdiverterangleimprovesdivertreliability
    • Cool-VacDoublefacerVacuumTractionSectioneliminatesthepossibilityofboardcrushinthetractionsection
    • Gun-drilledsteelhotplatesvirtuallyeliminatecuppinganddeflection
    • RPS-ExpressSlitter-ScorerIndustry-leadingheadsetupaccuracy
    • FusionKnifeStackerDesignedtogethertoprovideoptimalperformance
    • SupportingMaintenanceTrainingSparePartsTechnicalFieldService
    • SuperiorWebSheetControlLineSpeedWasteEjection
    • ExpertadvicebyphoneandthroughremoteaccessviamodemVPNsoftwarehardware

    Performance Corrugator Series

    The Performance Corrugator offers high productivity, and quality board. It features the Sentinel Complete Corrugator Control System, that allows for information to be communicated throughout the corrugator. The Performance line can be configured to be upgradable - to allow for future growth.



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