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11/15/2021 1:29:39 PM

BW Papersystems adds Prevea Be Well Center inside facility

Be Well Center Logo

BW Papersystems, a division of Barry-Wehmiller, announces the opening of the Prevea Be Well Center, a comprehensive health clinic located on the second floor of BW Papersystems’ Phillips location.

“Hosting premiere health services onsite reduces barriers our employees and their dependent families might otherwise have in accessing care. This hits at the core of our vision to measure success by the way we touch the lives of people,” said BW Papersystems Director of Operations Dave Carlsen.

The new clinic serves all employees regardless of their enrollment on a company health plan, as well as any dependents covered by company health insurance. Costs are a per visit $25 insurance co-pay, with no other out-of-pocket expenses.

On-site Nurse Practitioner Nicole Kulwicki will handle preventative care including physicals, well-child exams, health screenings and immunizations. Kulwicki serves patients of any age and tailors her care to each person’s specific and unique needs. She will also provide acute injury and illness care and chronic disease management.

“Prevea Health is excited to join BW Papersystems in this venture. Together, we’re transforming health care from yesterday’s traditional model into something far more meaningful – individualized care, centered on complete employee wellness,” said Prevea Health Employer Services Supervisor Kristin Rubenzer.

The onsite clinic also offers lab services, with physical therapy planned for the near future. Engagement with Prevea opens access to more than 400 exceptional health care providers in more than 60 specialty areas, with the next closest health center in Ladysmith.

Culture and People Development Director Shannon Stade said, “BW Papersystems is currently engaged in a strong period of growth. This clinic supports our current employees and families but will also enhance the lives of the people we hope will join our team.”

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