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8/10/2021 9:24:49 AM

Pavlovo Posad Ready for Further Expansion, Thanks to BW Papersystems Upgrades

Pavlovo Posad Installation Team

Original Article was Reprinted from the International Paperboard Magazine

Pavlovo Posad Corrugated Cardboard Plant (PPGK), which is based in the Moscow region, is expanding its production capacities this year, following the recent upgrading of its MWU corrugator and installation of other converting equipment at its facility. Alexander Kushnir, the owner of the company, has confirmed the company has recently upgraded the corrugator to allow it to run doublewall board. Established in 2011, Pavlovo Posad is currently in the top 10 corrugated board producers in Russia. The plant is located on a 22 hectare site in the town of Pavlovsky Posad, a city in the Moscow region, located 68 km from the city of Moscow, at the confluence of the Klyazma and Vokhna Rivers. The company employs more than 1000 people. PPGK’s overall production exceeds 30 million sqm of corrugated board and 23.5 million boxes per month. It is planned that these figures will be significantly increased in the near future, as the company plans a further expansion of its production capabilities in years to come. Year on Year Growth In 2011, the company installed its first corrugator and three years later in 2014, completed installation of a second line. At that time, it also bought an additional corrugator for the production of doublewall corrugated board. As part of the most recent expansion plans, the company worked with BW Papersystems, choosing to install a three colour 16.32 rotary die-cutter in October 2019 and then a few months later in December, a new 2.5m ‘Performance’ singlewall corrugator, which runs at 350 m/min. The new corrugator and die-cutter helped the company expand production output significantly. In 2020, the company also installed a Mitsubishi EVOL 115 flexo folder gluer, as well as an EMBA 175QS and an EMBA 215. These three high speed casemakers join a three colour Ward 1600 x 3200mm rotary die-cutter, which is capable of running at 12,000 pieces per hour. That line is equipped with a Geo M Martin stacker.

The company believes the installation of the new equipment will be able to handle the output of corrugated board produced by the BW Papersystems corrugator. In mid February this year, the company opened a new building, with an area of 12,500 sqm. This new unit is intended for storage of raw materials and finished goods. The value of this investment amounted to RUB 200m (US$2.7m). The new unit will be integrated into the overall logistics system of the existing production and warehouse complex of the company. It was upgraded and commissioned in December 2020. The volume of investments in construction amounted to RUB 650m (US$10m). More than 100 jobs were created. The Moscow regional government has provided assistance to PPGK, allowing for its continuing development in the domestic corrugated market. Growth Market Alexander Kushnir comments, “Before making the choice in favour of BW Papersystem, we reviewed a lot of different machines in the market. In my view, the Ward machine was the best choice for our challenging diecutting tasks; the machine is simple, reliable and powerful.” He continues, “Back in 2016, it became clear to us that the reserves for increasing productivity in the region were almost exhausted and we were worried about how to service the market over the following years. This meant the existing factories and equipment would not allow further development of production. Now that time has arrived already. Due to the constantly growing demand for corrugated products, we decided to build a new corrugated board factory. For this purpose, we acquired a 12 hectare site and began construction of an industrial and warehouse complex with an area of about 65,000 sqm. Its planned capacity is 500m sqm of corrugated board per year.”



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