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3/16/2021 12:19:03 PM

Growth-Driven Expansion: Cartró invests in second corrugator

BW Papersystems Corrugator

BW Papersystems Performance Line Corrugator due to be installed late 2021

 Cartró S.A.P.I. de C.V., a corrugated sheetfeeder facility located north of Mexico City has experienced significant growth. This prompted a capital investment for a second corrugator from BW Papersystems. The Performance Corrugator is a 98” wide singlewall line and is scheduled to produce 6,000 tons per month. The new corrugator will be delivered and installed late 2021.

Cartró currently is operating a BW Papersystems doublewall corrugator installed in 2013 at a greenfield site in Tepotzotlán. The facility was originally designed to accommodate anticipated expansion, and the new corrugator will be placed next to the current one in operation. “In order to support future growth, we needed to invest in new equipment, and expand our production” said CEO Juan Javier Gonzalez.  He added that Cartró is known to support their customers with reliable and short lead time delivery of high-quality corrugated sheets in Central Mexico

The new Performance Corrugator will meet the strict reliability standards demanded by González and give Cartró increased production. It offers high productivity and will feature BW Papersystems’ world class Splicers, Vanguard Singlefacer, RPS Express Slitter Scorer, and the new Fusion Knife Upstacker. This corrugator line will offer automatic tension control, infusion pre-conditioning, and the latest Dry End technology for optimal performance.



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