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5/25/2018 2:59:08 PM

BW Papersystems Introducing Inline Sheeter/Stacker for Digital Presses

BW Papersystems Introduce Inline Sheeter_Stacker for Digital Presses (003)
BW Papersystems, the worlds’ largest manufacturer of Sheeting machinery is introducing a range of in-line and off-line sheeters aimed at digital printers.

A major driving influence for any company considering the purchase of a Digital Press is flexibility.

There is little point in installing a press able to change size and job instantly only to be held back by the finishing solution.

Having gained vital knowledge in cooperation with a major digital press manufacturer, BW Papersystems are developing a range of Sheeters suitable for digital commercial printing and packaging applications.

With a material range of 60-400 gsm, sheet length range of 440-1220 mm and speed options between 80 and 350 m/min most applications can be covered. The machine is currently available in 762 mm width but widths of 1060 and 1650 mm will be added later.

Options include:

  • Automatic job change including size change in 5 seconds
  • Automatic Sheet Rejection
  • Automatic sample sheet collection
  • Non- stop pallet change
  • Smart register mark technology for sheet identification and routing
  • Web trimming and centre slitting

To meet the “total flexibility” mantra of the digital print industry, these machines will utilise a job library for instant recall of historic jobs meaning that the Sheeter will be ready when the press is.

For further flexibility the Sheeter can be installed purely inline, in-line with the option to run offline (when the press is in roll to roll mode) or offline. When running in off-line mode the Sheeter can either cut plain paper to be printed on sheet fed presses or cut pre-printed reels from another press in register.

By installing a Sheeter in-line with the digital press, the customer can continue to use his full range of finishing equipment rather than being tied to a single finishing solution attached to the press.

It is envisaged that customer will include both press manufacturers and printing companies.

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