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2/27/2017 11:48:08 AM

Fast delivery of spare parts from BW Papersystems Hamburg with on-site manufacturing and team spirit

On Site Manufacturing Area & Team Members in Hamburg

BW Papersystems Hamburg is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for your spare parts, and we manufacture needed parts on customer’s request. Currently, we produce approximately 70% of our mechanical spare parts on-site; this provides quick delivery time and ensures the superior quality that you expect from BW Papersystems spare parts.

Our assembly gives priority to spare parts orders, this means whenever a spare part is required, it will be processed first. We are capable of reacting quickly to our customers’ requirements when it comes to part requests for our historical brands: E.C.H. Will, bielomatik (Paper Processing) and Jagenberg. This will help you to quickly produce product after a machine break down.

Thomas Girmann, Production Leader at BW Papersystems Hamburg says, "We reach our high-class standard of spare parts due to a highly-motivated, well-qualified and experienced team. Can you imagine this: Some of them have been with the company for 40 years!" We are also training new people, especially the training of young talent has a high focus in our company. "This mixture of experience and modern views makes the Manufacturing Team successful."

Let’s hear from a team member. Reiner Friebe comments, "I love the feeling being able to help our customers with fast delivery of much needed parts." He knows how unfortunate it is when machines are not operating. "When a customer has a machine break down, and he contacts his customer service representative, this starts a chain reaction from the team to make impossible things, possible." From the point of order entry, to creating a production plan, and then manufacturing, packing and shipping – "everyone does the best they can to help," he adds. "This is stressful, for sure, but the feeling we have when we finished and shipped the part is priceless!"

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