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  • 1976 Marquip High Speed Splicer
    12/13/2018 9:13:28 PM

    Part Two of Marquip’s Journey Through Time

    1976 was a pivotal year as it marked Marquip’s transition from a custom machine supplier for the building products industry to a corrugator machine company.
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  • Historic Marquip Building
    12/6/2018 7:14:03 PM

    Marquip: A Journey Through Time

    Congratulations to the 50th anniversary of Marquip! BW Papersystems has taken this opportunity to browse the company archives, to study old articles and to interview many contemporary witnesses to find out as much as possible about the past 50 years. The result is an exciting journey through time with many insightful information on Marquip, its ups and downs, its innovations and products, the company’s philosophy and much more.
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  • Paragon ID Tagliner
    10/22/2018 7:22:57 PM

    Paragon ID increases capacity and adds value with a BW Bielomatik TagLiner for RFID tag production

    Paragon ID, the leading provider of identification solutions for Transport, e-ID, Traceability and Brand Protection is pleased to announce that it is the first RFID tag manufacturer in the world to have invested in a BW Bielomatik TagLiner, a new chip bonding concept for RFID tag production which was officially launched in Spring 2018 by BW Bielomatik, part of BW Papersystems.
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  • 4 web eCon
    10/5/2018 7:56:10 PM

    Case Paper to Install New Marquip Precision Sheeter in North Carolina Plant

    Case Paper announced that it will be installing a new Marquip sheeter at its newest division, Case Paper/WinterBell, in High Point, North Carolina.
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  • Vaccum Overhead Stacker
    9/26/2018 6:24:29 PM

    Vacuum Stacker Provides Optimal Performance

    The Vacuum Overhead Stacker (VOS) was designed to address what BWP’s customers identified as the top challenges reducing rotary die cutter line productivity. These were identified as delays in sheet transfer, scrap in the bundles and line stoppages due to jams.
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