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  • eCon Sheeter at Quest Graphics in St. Louis
    4/16/2014 7:28:02 PM

    Quest Graphics Invests in the First MarquipWardUnited eCon Sheeter

    Quest Graphics recently installed the first eCon sheeter at their Saint Louis facility. Quest is a high quality, large format printing company that specializes in Litho Label and Top Sheet for packaging applications. The eCon adds capabilities to their printing line.
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  • BW Papersystems
    3/26/2014 4:00:48 PM

    MarquipWardUnited to Acquire E.C.H. Will, Pemco & Kugler-Womako

    MarquipWardUnited has executed a definitive agreement to acquire- the operations of Körber AG’s Papersystems companies: E.C.H. Will GmbH, Pemco Inc. and Kugler-Womako GmbH, pending the approval of the respective antitrust authorities. The combination of these industry leaders expands MarquipWardUnited’s sheeter footprint, establishing BW Papersystems as the leading supplier of sheeting and sheet packaging machinery in the world with solutions for the widest range of applications for the paper converting, manufacturing and packaging industries.
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  • Folio Sheeter: eCon Blowdown system
    2/24/2014 9:38:03 PM

    MarquipWardUnited Launches the eCon Sheeter

    MarquipWardUnited unveiled their latest sheeting machine – the eCon sheeter at their facility in Phillips, Wisconsin, USA, in early 2014 to a group of local and international customers and agents. This in itself, was a very exciting event, however, the launch of this sheeter was different than any other product launch made in the history of the company.
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  • World Champ Belt Buckle
    2/20/2014 4:20:50 PM

    Great Accomplishment at Independence Corrugated, Oak Creek, WI

    Tony Jimenez, a splicer operator at Independence Corrugated, Oak Creek, WI, is the current record holder in the MarquipWardUnited Century Belt Buckle Club for the most consecutive, successful splices on a MarquipWardUnited Splicer. Tony stands at 3553 splices. His co-workers and MarquipWardUnited representatives in an upcoming ceremony at Independence Corrugated will recognize Tony.
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  • Advantage Singlefacers
    1/31/2014 9:28:17 PM

    MarquipWardUnited Sold Two More Advantage Singlefacers

    MarquipWardUnited announces the sale of two Advantage Singlefacers. The Advantage Singlefacer is a compact yet robust machine that is simple to install, easy to operate and impressively productive across all board types.
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  • InstaRegister One-box
    12/23/2013 6:45:39 PM

    New InstaRegister One-box Setup System Now Available!

    MarquipWardUnited is proud to announce that the new InstaRegister, the industry's first simple and economical one-box setup system, is now available!
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  • Folio Sheeter: eCon Blowdown system
  • sales meeting
    10/22/2013 2:36:56 PM

    MarquipWardUnited Business Overview

    MarquipWardUnited's product lines.
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  • Saber Cutoff Knives by MarquipWardUnited
    9/18/2013 4:47:21 PM

    MarquipWardUnited has Sold 5 New Saber Cutoff Knives

    The new MarquipWardUnited Saber Knife provides new features like walk-in access and very long life between blade tunes that make it an attractive investment for a corrugator box plant. The industry has responded, buying 4 additional new knives since the product unveiling at the Corrugated 2013 Technical Symposium.
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  • Tim Sullivan
    9/3/2013 8:06:38 PM

    Truly Human Leadership with Tim Sullivan

    At Barry-Wehmiller, we believe that everybody has the capacity to lead. However, we realize that differing personalities and styles mean every person has their own unique way of leading others.
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