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Manufacturer of Labels

BW Papersystems offers high-speed precision machinery to manufacturers of wet glue labels.

Label Cutting Machine: Label

Application examples

  • RFID Processing

    Under the BW Bielomatik brand name we offer a modular high-speed manufacturing platform for the entire value chain of RFID production.

    • SmartOne T-250 | Economic High-Speed RFID Label Production Machine
    • SpeedLiner T-165 | Modular Compact High-Speed RFID Converting Machine
    • TTL-165 | Modular High-Performance RFID Converting Machine -Transponder Tickets and Labels
    • TAL-165 | Modular High-End RFID Converting Machine - Transponder Attaching and Laminating
    RFID Machine: RFID
  • Sheeting Of Wet Glue Labels

    Classic wet glue labels dominate high volume markets such as the mineral water, beer, wine, and spirits sectors. Our machines process rolled and bundled wet glue labels, and package stacks of labels.

    • RQS-V folio sheeter | Variable Rotary Sheeter with unique sheet transportation system for lightweight paper, plastic film, beer label and more
    • SHM 1450 SR Sheeter | High-precision, reliable folio sheeter at an excellent price/performance ratio
    Label roll


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