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Litho-Laminator Industry

Litho-laminated cartons combine corrugated board with lithographic printed sheets which is also known as “litho” or “offset”.  Litho printing provides comparatively high-quality print quality making this product desirable when excellent print quality is essential.

Litho Laminator  Industry - Box Example

Application examples

  • Litho-Laminated Cartons

    In the litho-laminating process, corrugated board is combined with a high-quality litho-laminated sheet to create the carton. Here are the machine solutions we contribute to the process:

    • Vanguard Advantage Singlefacer | Pressure roll style Single Facer with precision gap adjustment and quick cassette change capability
    • Digital Splicer | Highest speed splicing capability provided within a small machine frame design
    • MRC 4 Roll Stand | Heavy duty roll stand rated for 4 tons of lifting capacity for manual roll loading applications
    • ARC-5 Roll Stand | Robust, high speed, automated roll stand for high speed corrugator applications
    • VortX Tornado F3 | Fully Automatic Starch Mixing System
    Litho Laminator Industry - Box Example


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