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Folding Carton Producers

Increasingly innovative solutions are transforming the packaging industry. The recent trend towards smaller production runs has given way to a focus on producing high-volume runs in an efficient manner. Our folio-size sheeters optimize the production process.

Folding carton

Application examples

  • Large Format Paper

    BW Papersystems sheeters are the perfect ​large format paper sheeting solution whether you are a specialty mill, a paper or board converter, a printer, or sheet a variety of sensitive materials. 

    • Hawk Sheeter | Medium-Sized Folio Sheeter
    • SHM 1450 SR | High-precision, reliable folio sheeter at an excellent price/performance ratio
    • SheetPro | Dual-Rotary Sheeter for Fine Paper and Paperboard
    • SheetRunner | Dual-Rotary Sheeter for Easy, Low-Cost Installation and Minimal Floor Space
    • SheetWizard | Paper and Board Sheeter with Superior Cut Accuracy
    • Continuum | Dual-Rotary Sheeter for Fine Paper and Paperboard
    • eCon | World Class Dual Rotary Sheeter for an affordable Price
    Folio Sheeter: eCon endproduct - Paper Stack


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