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  • Wrapped Carpet Tiles

    Are you looking for a new, economic, flexible and high quality solution to wrap carpet tiles, wood tiles, laminated tiles ​and similar products? Our Wrapmatic GREC Ream Wrapper is the solution for you! The GREC is able to wrap the most common tile sizes and speeds up to 10 packs/min.

    Most common tile sizes:

    Ream Width x Ream Length
    9” x 36” = 3” - 8” stacked in various counts
    18” x 36” = 2” - 5” stacked in various counts
    24” x 24” = 2” - 5.5” stacked in various counts
    12” x 48” = 2” - 5.5” stacked in various counts
    Ream width = short side of ream, running parallel to travel direction
    Ream length = long side of ream running transverse to travel direction

    We are not limited to the above mentioned sizes - just let us know your specific requirements for your needs.

    Wrapped Carpet Tiles- Flooring Industry


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