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Questec Folio Sheeter Ultrathin Material
With the brand Questec, BW Papersystems offers Rotary Sheeters with a revolutionary sheet air transport system, suitable for the widest range of materials including plastic film and lightweight paper.

For the inline-printing industry, as well as the specialized plastic-film industry, both the standalone and integrated QUESTEC crosscutting and contact-free sheet transport solutions provide precise, versatile production options.

This technology allows to cut thin films or papers quickly and with stepless variable lengths.

When transporting and cutting single-layer papers starting from 30 g/gsm and plastic film starting from 80 µm at a cut-off length of 400 mm - 1.050 mm, our high-performance sheeters offer highly competitive technology.

Are you looking for Folio-size Sheeting or Packaging Machines? Have a look here.

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Folio-Size Sheeting Machines

RQS-V folio sheeter

Variable Rotary Sheeter with unique sheet transportation system for lightweight paper, plastic film, beer label and more
Accelerate your production processes with the RQS-V: at a speed of 400 m/min., the folio sheeter cuts and transports single-layer lightweight paper starting from 30 g/m2 and plastic film starting from 80 μm, with stepless variable cut-off lengths of 400 mm - 1.050 mm. 

The RQS-V can be integrated into any web-fed press - offset, gravure, flexographic or digital, as it allows for the full speed advantage of a variable repeat web-fed press while providing size flexibility, too.
The inline configuration produces printed sheets at press speed at single pass. This eliminates speed reductions, intermediate handling and waste. Further finishing steps, like embossing or perforating, can be integrated with the sheeter.

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RQSV Sheeter Pharma Insert or In-Mould label printing Printed lightweight paper on stack Film converting - Optional: Corona treatment Stack of film sheets Beer Label Sheeting System Flexible Sheet or Reel production in one line


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