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Questec Folio Sheeter Ultrathin Material
With the brand Questec, BW Papersystems offers Rotary Sheeters with a revolutionary sheet air transport system, suitable for the widest range of materials including plastic film and lightweight paper.

For the inline-printing industry, as well as the specialized plastic-film industry, both the standalone and integrated QUESTEC crosscutting and contact-free sheet transport solutions provide precise, versatile production options.

This technology allows to cut thin films or papers quickly and with stepless variable lengths.

When transporting and cutting single-layer papers starting from 30 g/gsm and plastic film starting from 80 µm at a cut-off length of 400 mm - 1.050 mm, our high-performance sheeters offer highly competitive technology.

Are you looking for Folio-size Sheeting or Packaging Machines? Have a look here.

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    RQS-V folio sheeter

    The RQS-V rotary paper sheeter offers variable size sheeting for lightweight paper and plastic film. Ideal as a stand-alone machine or in-line with a printing press, the sheeter’s production speed of 400 m/min meets the speed of the press. Learn more about the RQS-V Folio Sheeter machine.



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