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MarquipWardUnited Corrugating
​In the corrugating and finishing industries MarquipWardUnited offers the most complete line of corrugator equipment with speeds up to 460 MPM (1500 FPM) and machine widths up to 2.85 m (112 in.). MarquipWardUnited has engineered an extensive range of finishing equipment, including the modern ServoGrafix Rotary Die Cutter, to the robust Flexo Folder Gluers, which consistently delivers exceptional quality.

Corrugators » Corrugator Components

  • Complete Corrugators

    BW Papersystems is a leading supplier of complete corrugators tailored to meet your production needs. We supply complete corrugators with flexible production and capacity requirements. Our speeds range up to 460 MPM. Learn more about our Value, Harmony, Performance, and Elite Corrugator Lines.

  • Corrugator Components

    Our corrugating machinery components include splicers, roll stands, singlefacers, glue machines, doublefacers, slitter scorers, knives, and stackers. All of our corrugating components match the quality standards expected from an industry-leading corrugator machinery manufacturer like BW Papersystems.

Finishing Equipment » Rotary Die Cutter

    • MaxProSetUpWhileRunRotaryDieCutter
    • RotaryDieCutter-MaxProSetupwhilerunMachineOverview
    • DieCutCorrugatedCardboardBox
    • RotaryDieCutterPizzaBox
    • RotaryDieCutterBoxforthePharmaceuticalIndustry
    • RotaryDieCutterBoxfortheGlassIndustry
    • RotaryDieCutterBoxfortheCeramicIndustry

    MaxPro Rotary Die Cutter

    BW Papersystems’ MaxPro Rotary Die Cutter is a robust, high-performance machine with high-end print quality & customizable print sections. Learn more.

    • ServoProOpen-and-CloseServoDrivenRotaryDieCutter
    • PrintingInsidetheBox

    ServoPro Rotary Die Cutter

    The MarquipWardUnited ServoPro is a Robust Open-and-Close Servo Driven Rotary Die Cutter

    • G-GrafixRotaryDieCutter
    • RotaryDieCutterFlexoFolderGluerPrintunitsatG-Grafix
    • RotaryDieCutterFlexoFolderGluerFeeder
    • DieCutCorrugatedCardboardBox
    • RotaryDieCutterPizzaBox

    G-Grafix Corrugated Rotary Die Cutter

    The G-Grafix Corrugated Rotary Die Cutter is a robust workhouse designed to perform in the most demanding production environments. Learn more at BW Papersystems.

Finishing Equipment » Flexo Folder Gluer

    • Flexo-Folder-Gluer-Side
    • Flexo-Folder-Gluer
    • Flexo-Folder-Gluer-Printing-Unit
    • FlexoFolderGluerCorrugatedCardboardBoxes
    • FlexoFolderGluerCorrugatedBoxwithInsidePrinting
    • FlexoFolderGluerDieCutVegetablesbox

    G-Grafix Flexo Folder Gluer

    The G-Grafix Flexo Folder Gluer from BW Papersystems has a simple and robust design that is easier to operate and maintain than previous generations of Flexo Folder Gluers. This alone makes it a valuable addition to your production line; but that’s not all.

Finishing Equipment » Twin Box Slitter

    • TwinBoxSlitterOverview
    • TwinBoxSlitterDetails
    • TwinBoxSlitterDetails
    • TwinBoxSlitterDetails

    Twin Box Slitter



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