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MarquipWardUnited Corrugating
​In the corrugating and finishing industries MarquipWardUnited offers the most complete line of corrugator equipment with speeds up to 460 MPM (1500 FPM) and machine widths up to 2.85 m (112 in.). MarquipWardUnited has engineered an extensive range of finishing equipment, including the modern ServoGrafix Rotary Die Cutter, to the robust Flexo Folder Gluers, which consistently delivers exceptional quality.

Corrugators » Corrugator Components

  • Corrugator Components

    The best investments may be individual corrugator components for an existing line.  Our BW Papersystems Team has the integration knowledge and expertise to provide a superior investment return for a custom improvement of an existing line.

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  • Complete Corrugators

    We are a leading supplier of Corrugator machinery.  With our brand MarquipWardUnited we provide complete corrugators in a variety of configurations and capabilities to match specific production needs.

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Finishing Equipment » Rotary Die Cutter

    • 162966115ServoGrafixRotaryDieCutterPrintUnit
    • 162966115ServoGrafixRotaryDieCutterPrintingCliché
    • 162966115ServoGrafixRotaryDieCutterQualityTest
    • 162966115ServoGrafixRotaryDieCutterMachineOverview

    ServoGrafix Rotary Die Cutter

    The 16.29 (66.115) ServoGrafix Rotary Die Cutter product line is a price competitive, direct servo driven opening and closing rotary die cutter, capable of producing high quality graphics.

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    • RotaryDieCutterFlexoFolderGluerPrintunitsatG-Grafix
    • RotaryDieCutterFlexoFolderGluerFeeder
    • RotaryDieCutterFlexoFolderGluerG-GrafixMachineOverview

    G-Grafix Rotary Die Cutter

    The MarquipWardUnited G-Grafix Rotary Die Cutter is a robust workhouse designed to perform in the most demanding production environments.

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    • MaxProSetUpWhileRunRotaryDieCutter
    • RotaryDieCutter-MaxProSetupwhilerunMachineOverview

    MaxPro Rotary Die Cutter

    The MarquipWardUnited MaxPro Rotary Die Cutter is a robust set-up-while-run machine.

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    • VAC-Stacker
    • VacuumStackerVACStackerMachinedetails
    • VacuumStackerVACStackerMachineOverview

    VAC Stacker

    Maximizes rotary die cutting production with a high-end stacker featuring vacuum transfer belts, an efficient cleaner section, automatic setup, and full servo controls.

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Finishing Equipment » Flexo Folder Gluer

    • FlexoFolderGluerG-Grafix

    G-Grafix Flexo Folder Gluer

    Flexo Folder Gluer for a wide range of products and configurations

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Finishing Equipment » Twin Box Slitter

Proofing Press » ​AMECO Rotogravure Proofing Press

    • AmecoRasterRotogravureProofingPressesForGravureCylinders

    AMECO Rotogravure Proofing Press

    Ameco Proofing Press with a wide range of sizes for multiple industry sectors such as Security, Envelope, Label, Packaging and Decorative Printing or Publication.

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