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Used MWU 1500 (59") SheetRunner Sheeter

This MarquipWardUnited SheetRunner Sheeter was manufactured in 1996 and is a right-hand operator machine. It has a dual rotary direct-drive knife with a 50L motor. This machine is sold as-is, and where-is.

  • 1500mm (59”) Width
  • Dual Rotary Direct Drive Knife Series 50L
  • Shingling Section with Reject Gate, Top Belts, Vacuum Modulated Overlap, Jam Detection, Soft Nip Snubber Wheel Assembly
  • MWU Paperboard Splicer
  • MWU 2 station Vertical Decurler
  • 1525mm (60”) diameter Martin Roll-out Rollstands (qty 2)
  • Pallet Pusher
  • MWU Heavy Duty Piler with Flat Plate LIft Table 1525mm (60”) Stack Height
  • Accumulation Conveyor for Continuous Stack/Skid Delivery (Slow Speed)
  • Operator Side Catwalk. Right Hand Operator, Paper Going 

As-Is, Where-Is Machine

  • Originally Manufactured 1996
  • Prints and Manuals provided
  • Warranty not included.
  • Customer visit and inspection required

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Please contact us for more information.
Please contact us for more information.

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Used MWU 1500 (59") SheetRunner Sheeter

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