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Alpha RF

The High-Speed Exercise Book Machine
Available with up to 5 pockets, the Alpha RF stands for converting diversity. This machine allows a flexible production from the reel into high quality stationery articles such as exercise books, ruled/unruled folded sheets and copies doubles. Its modular design offers a wide range of options for individual requirements.

• Output of up to 18,000 books/hour (5-up production)
• High efficiency of 70% or more
• Production speed of 300 m/min.
• Export quality products
• Various options available including second unwind stands, inline corner rounding or longitudinal perforation
• Easy accessible design
• End-to-end machine control allowing operator to monitor production flow at all times
• Minimal maintenance, high reliability

Ideal for...
• Medium-size to large stationery producers

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Alpha RF_exercise book machine Exercise Book Making Machine: Endproducts Exercise Book Making Machine: Stitching Heads Exercise Book Making Machine: Endproducts Exercise Book Making Machine: Trimmer Exercise Book Making Machine: Stitching

(100% theoretical out- put)
3-up production: max. 10,800 books/h
4-up production: max. 14,400 books/h
5-up production: max. 18,000 books/h 
Reel width (min.) 580 mm
Reel width (max.) 970 mm
Reel diameter (max.) 1,200 mm
Printing length 300 - 670 mm
(in steps of 5 mm)
Cutting length for deep pile products 500 - 670 mm
(in steps of 5 mm)
Speed (max.) 300 m/min
60 strokes/min
Working strokes 60
Pile height 1000 mm (including pallet)
Layer thickness 5 - 50 sheets,
max. 10 mm (folded)
Number of stitching heads standard: 8,
optional as required

Quality – key to fast growth & export markets
Efficient production of export quality exercise books
Are you entering the paper converting market and looking for quality, easy to operate, cost-effective solutions? Or perhaps you are planning to optimize your production to meet export quality standards? The Alpha RF is a modular, expandable paper converting system, customized to match your needs. A production with up to 5 pockets and 18,000 books/hour ensures highest productivity.
Reliable and flexible production
The machine allows you to react quickly and flexibly to market developments, regardless of seasonal trends, giving you high product quality and reliability, whether for wire-stitched exercise books, ruled/unruled pre-products or country-specific finished products.

Efficiency that pays for itself
You can always count on the Alpha RF for perfect production reliability. A performance at speeds of 300 m/min. (or 60 strokes) gives you top productivity. It goes without saying that products converted on this series are guaranteed export quality. The excellent price/performance ratio means too, that your investment will pay for itself in no time!
Easy operation and minimal maintenance
A high proportion of mechanical adjustments guarantees easy operation as well as minimal maintenance and repair work. This leads to a high efficiency rate (70% or more) as downtime is minimized.
Further options
• Reel-fed cover inserter
• Pressing from top for folded sheets
• Punching for copies doubles

System solutions for Alpha RF
• Machines for spiral and double wire binding or pad making
• Shrink wrapping machine

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Alpha RF
The High-Speed Exercise Book Machine

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