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PassPort 4

PassPort Machine for Number and Chip Programming

After the books have been sewn, laminated and cut to size using the Passport 1, 2 and 3, the PassPort 4 numbers the books with a gothic number and/or a laser perforation. Alternatively, a barcode of the passport number can be applied into the book or printed onto a label. Optionally chips can be simultaneously verified and initialized for e-passports.

All styles of passports and e-passports can be manufactured by combining machine PassPort 4 with our PassPort 1, 2 and 3 machines.

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Passport Machine: PassPort 4 Passport Machine: PassPort 4 Endproduct Passport Machine: PassPort 4 Endproduct Passport Machine: PassPort 4 Reversing Wheel & Punching
PassPort 4-25, 4-45 and 4-50
Cycles/min 25, 45 or 50 booklets/min depending on the layout
Size range CRN impact number

CRN impact number/barcode 39 printing
Laser numbering

Laser numbering

• Suitable for (electronic) Machine Readable Travel Document (eMRTD) according to ISO and ICAO standards
• High productivity and reliable production in terms of quality and output
• Sophisticated technology for easy operation and maintenance
• Rigid design for increased life expectancy (>30 years)
• Modular layout in order to accomodate various types of passports and future Upgrades

PassPort 4 basic equipment
• Opening of cover and pages according to passport layout
• CRN impact number/barcode 39 printing
• Camera control of printed numbers/bar codes
• Registration of Chip-UIDs and passport numbers
• Opening of additional pages
• Laser perforation of the number with round or shaped holes (square, triangle, oval, star)
• Offset transport for optimum utilisation of laser cycles• Camera control of perforated numbers
• Vertical delivery

Add-on options
• Chip initialization
• Enhanced tracking features
• Inkjet number printing

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PassPort 4
PassPort Machine for Number and Chip Programming

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    PassPort 3

    The layers which have been sewn and laminated in PassPort 1 and 2 are separated into single ups, folded and cut to size in a die cutting station using the PassPort 3 machine.

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    PassPort 2

    The PassPort 2 machine laminates covers, e-covers and/or chip-inlays onto layers sewn by PassPort 1.



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