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    • Folio-SizeSheeterSHM1450SRMachineOverview
    • Folio-SizeSheeterSHM1450MachineinProductionSlitter
    • Folio-SizeSheeterSHM1450Stacks
    • Folio-SizeSheeterSHM1450MachineinProduction
    • Folio-SizeSheeterSHM1450MachineOverview

    SHM 1450 SR Sheeter

    The SHM 1450 Single Rotary sheeter is as flexible as your customers’ demands are: converting all sheet sizes and various products from conventional paper and board to premium and specialty products; this sheeter lets you flexibly react to all market requirements. Learn more about the SHM 1450 SR Sheeter machine.

    • AutomaticCasePackerCSC60
    • AutomaticCasePacker-CSC60Machineoverview
    • AutomaticCasePacker-CSC60casingprocess
    • AutomaticCasePackerCSC60casingprocess

    CSC 60

    Fully automatic, intermittent motion case packer for multilayer package of wrapped cut size reams - for connection to a medium-speed cut size line.


    • ReamInspectionSystemModel124Machineoverview
    • ReamInspectionProcess
    • ReamInspectionReams
    • ReamInspectionTransport
    • ReamInspectionMachine

    Model 124

    Precise, accurate inspection of wrapped reams and automatic, in-line rejection
    of defective reams

    • CaseInspectionSystemModel123Machineoverview
    • CaseInspectionRejectStation
    • CaseInspectionCaseInspectionProcess
    • CaseInspectionCaseInspectionProcess
    • CaseInspectioncasessingledouble

    Model 123

    Precise inspections of all cases for defects and packaging quality, including a simple,
    ergonomic case re-insertion mode

    • AutomaticCasePackerModel162machineoverview
    • AutomaticCasePackerModel162LidLoad
    • AutomaticCasePackerModel162Caseprocess
    • AutomaticCasePackerModel162Casing

    Model 162

    Precise, high-speed casing of single or double-stacked reams with only limited operator Interface.

    • CartonizerModel163Machineoverview
    • CartonizerModel163Cartonizing
    • CartonizerModel163Details
    • CartonizerModel163CartonizingProcess
    • Cartonizercasecasessingledouble

    Model 163

    Versatile cartoning of a wide range of ream sizes in both two-piece or wrap around style boxes.

    • ReamStackerModel137
    • ReamStackerModel137Conveyor
    • ReamStackerModel137MachineOverview
    • ReamStackerModel137Endproduct
    • ReamStackerModel137Collecting
    • ReamStackerModel137Transport

    Model 137HS

    The Model 137HS ream stacker/accumulator precisely stacks reams to preset height and ensures smooth product handling.

    • Machineoverview
    • PaperReamWrapperDetailViewWrappingProcess
    • PaperReamWrapperDetailViewUnwindstation
    • PaperReamWrapperDetailViewReamTransport
    • PaperReamWrapperDetailViewWrappingProcess

    Model 390

    The new Model 390 is ideal for integration with high-volume cut-size sheeting operations where exceptional quality is a must. The machine is designed for high-speed wrapping of standard U.S. and metric ream sizes.

    • PaperReamWrapperModel33MachineOverview
    • PaperReamWrapperDetailView
    • PaperReamWrapperDetailView
    • Detailviewmachine

    Model 33

    The Model 33 ream wrapper combines speed (up to 120 reams/min., A4), servo drive technology, and ream size flexibility. It is designed for worldwide metric standards and precise ream packaging in kraft, laminate & polypropylene wrapping materials.

    • PaperReamWrapperModel32Machineoverview
    • DetailviewPaperReamWrapper-Wrappingprocess
    • DetailviewPaperReamWrapper-Wrappingprocess
    • DetailviewPaperReamWrapper-Wrappingprocess

    Model 32

    The Model 32 ream wrapper is designed for mid-speed wrapping of all metric and standard U.S. ream sizes including half-ream packages.

    • PassportMachinePassPort4
    • PassportMachinePassPort4Endproduct
    • PassportMachinePassPort4Endproduct
    • PassportMachinePassPort4ReversingWheelPunching

    PassPort 4

    After the books have been sewn, laminated and cut to size using the Passport 1, 2 and 3, the PassPort 4 numbers the books with a gothic number and/or a laser perforation.

    • PassportMachinePassPort3
    • PassportMachinePassPort3FoldingUnit
    • PassportMachinePassPort3Details
    • PassportMachinePassPort3Punching

    PassPort 3

    The layers which have been sewn and laminated in PassPort 1 and 2 are separated into single ups, folded and cut to size in a die cutting station using the PassPort 3 machine.

    • DigitalSizeSheetingOverviewSHMDigicut
    • DigitalSizeSheetingPaperCut
    • DigitalSizeSheetingGripperCarriage
    • DigitalSizeSheetingInfeedinCollectingBox
    • DigitalSizeSheetingTrimmer
    • DigitalSizeSheetingEndProduct

    SHM Digicut

    High-precision, flexible sheeter for cut-size, digital and folio-size products.

    • PaperRulingMachineAlphaR
    • PaperRulingMachineAlphaRPotentialSystemSolutionsProductsSpiralBinding
    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineInlineDeepPile

    Alpha R

    The efficient and versatile ruling machine for manufacturing pre-products for subsequent processing into spiral-bound and glue-bound articles.

    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineAlphaFOverview
    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineEndProducts
    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineTrimmer
    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineBookDelivery
    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineStitchingHeads

    Alpha F

    The ideal solution for semi-automatic production of exercise books and folded sheets.

    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineMachineOverview
    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineEndproducts
    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineStitchingHeads
    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineEndproducts
    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineTrimmer
    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineStitching

    Alpha RF

    Flexible, fully automatic & cost-efficient production of exercise books in highest quality - from the paper reel to high-quality stationery

    • PaperRulingMachine
    • PaperRulingMachineEndproduct

    P 25-81

    Fully Automatic Sheeter/Ruling Machine for the fabrication of ruled large sheets for semi-automatic finishing on other machines, with a paper reel width of max. 1200 mm (47 1/4”).

    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineP15-90p25-90MachineOverview
    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineP15-90P25-90Endproducts

    P 25-90

    The fully automatic excercise book line is a highly sophisticated solution for the fabrication of wire-stitched exercise books, ruled and unruled preproducts, folded sheets or country specific finished products.

    • WireFormingMachines-MachineOverviewProLoop
    • WireFormingMachineDetails
    • WireFormingMachineOverview


    The ProLoop is a high-Performance double wire former with state-of-the art control and drive technology and a sophisticated double wire forming system.

    • Folio-SizeReamWrapper-FSW500HL
    • FolioSizeReamWrapperFSW500Depalletizer
    • FolioSizeReamWrapperFSW500WrappingProcess
    • FolioSizeReamWrapperFSW500WrappingProcess

    WrapMaster FSW 500HL

    This fully automatic folio-size ream wrapper is a reliable, sturdy machine, ideal for smooth and heavy-duty operations at paper mills. Available with lateral infeed of up to 3 piles.

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