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    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineP15-90p25-90MachineOverview
    • ExerciseBookMakingMachineP15-90P25-90Endproducts

    P 15-90

    The fully automatic excercise book line is a highly sophisticated solution for the fabrication of wire-stitched exercise books, ruled and unruled preproducts, folded sheets or country specific finished products.

    • VortXsexclusivesmallbatchconceptdeliverstheindustrysfreshestadhesivetoyourcorrugatoratalltimes
    • VortXF3AdhesiveMixingSystem

    VortX Tornado F3

    Fully Automatic Starch Mixing System

    • splicer-and-roll-stand

    Digital Splicer

    The Digital Splicer provides highest speed splicing capability provided within a small machine frame design

    • Glue-Machine-4
    • Glue-Machine-3
    • Glue-Machine
    • CorrugatorComponentsEagleGluemachineDetail

    Eagle Glue Machine

    Operator and Maintenance friendly Glue Machine designed to provide precise application of starch

    • starchkitchen

    VortX Tornado F3

    Fully Automatic Starch Mixing System

    • Doublefacer
    • MarquipWardUnitedsCool-VacDoublefacerdesignminimizesthelengthofthepullingsectionandallowstheheatinglengthtobeeasilyconfiguredforgivenspaceandproductmixrequirements
    • CorrugatorComponentsCool-VacDoublefacerBelts
    • HotPlatesontheCoolVacDoublefacer

    Cool-Vac Doublefacer

    Vacuum Traction Section eliminates crush and web weave while improving board quality

    • MachineOverviewofRPSSlitterScorer
    • Incrediblynarrowtrimwidthspecificationallowssignificantpaybackintwimwastereduction


    Robotic setup for precise accuracy with plunge activation for line speed order changes

    • CorrugatorComponentsDownstacker
    • CorrugatorComponentsDownstacker
    • SuperiorStackQualitywiththeBWPapersystemsDownstacker


    Operator friendly design provides excellent stack quality at high run speeds

    • Knife

    Saber Cutoff Knife

    Industry leading cut length vs speed curve while maintaining low power consumption levels

    • CorrugatorComponentsMilleniumSinglefacer

    Millennium Singlefacer

    Belted style Single Facer with quick cassette change capability

    • CorrugatorComponentsVanguardSinglefacer

    Vanguard Singlefacer

    Low maintenance, high performance, pressure roll style Single Facer

    • Advantage-Singlefacer

    Vanguard Advantage Singlefacer

    Pressure roll style Single Facer with precision gap adjustment and quick cassette change capability

    • MRC4Rollstand

    MRC 4 Roll Stand

    The MRC 4 Roll Stand is a heavy duty roll stand rated for 4 tons of lifting capacity for manual roll loading applications

    • ARC-5-Roll-Stand
    • ARC5-Roll-Stand

    ARC-5 Roll Stand

    The ARC-5 Roll Stand is a robust, high speed, automated roll stand for high speed corrugator applications

    • VOSStackerMachineOverview
    • VOSStackerSideview
    • VOSMachineOverview

    VOS - Vacuum Overhead Stacker

    Maximizes rotary die cutting production with a high-end stacker featuring vacuum transfer belts, an efficient cleaner section, automatic setup, and full servo controls.

    • G-GrafixRotaryDieCutter
    • RotaryDieCutterFlexoFolderGluerPrintunitsatG-Grafix
    • RotaryDieCutterFlexoFolderGluerFeeder
    • DieCutCorrugatedCardboardBox
    • RotaryDieCutterPizzaBox

    G-Grafix Corrugated Rotary Die Cutter

    The G-Grafix Corrugated Rotary Die Cutter is a robust workhouse designed to perform in the most demanding production environments. Learn more at BW Papersystems.

    • Flexo-Folder-Gluer-Side
    • Flexo-Folder-Gluer
    • Flexo-Folder-Gluer-Printing-Unit
    • FlexoFolderGluerCorrugatedCardboardBoxes
    • FlexoFolderGluerCorrugatedBoxwithInsidePrinting
    • FlexoFolderGluerDieCutVegetablesbox

    G-Grafix Flexo Folder Gluer

    The G-Grafix Flexo Folder Gluer from BW Papersystems has a simple and robust design that is easier to operate and maintain than previous generations of Flexo Folder Gluers. This alone makes it a valuable addition to your production line; but that’s not all.

    • TwinBoxSlitterOverview
    • TwinBoxSlitterDetails
    • TwinBoxSlitterDetails
    • TwinBoxSlitterDetails

    Twin Box Slitter

    • Pemco141-reamcartonizer

    Used 1989 Pemco Ream Cartonizer

    This is a left-hand ream cartonizer with a design speed of 6 reams pers minute and works with a Lenox folio sheeter. However, it can be adopted to work with other sheeter specifications.

    • PemcoModel37L

    Used 1990 Model 37 Ream Wrapper

    This 1990 model 37 Ream Wrapper was designed to work with the ECH Will Sheeter. It is a left-handed machine with size change parts for A4 only. Its features include low wrapper roll detection and a new Nordson Glue System.

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