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    • 2020-11-24_15-58-28-valmet-WM

    Used Valmet 1450 CTS Sheeter

    The Valmet Sheeter is from 2002 and is a model 1450 CTS and is 57” wide (1450 mm). This single knife sheeter includes four-shaft unwind stands and a pneumatic loading slitting unit. It is sold as-is with wire and wireways. 

    • Pemcon66L-wm

    Used 2002 Pemco Model 66L Ream Wrapper

    The sizes of reams the Pemco Cut-Size Ream Wrapper can produce range from the length of 254 mm (10”-18”), the width of 203 – 305 mm (8” – 12”), and the height of 19 – 127 mm ( 0.75” – 5”).

    • Pemco-34R-wm

    Used 1988 Pemco Ream Wrapper

    Designed to wrap 8.5”x11” and 11x17” paper reams, this 1988 Pemco Ream Wrapper is a right-handed machine and has 3-phase supply voltage. It comes in a variety of sizes and has the option of an additional paper spindle.

    • Bielo-CSW-wm

    Used 2012 Bielomatik Cut Size Sheeter and Wrapper

    This line of Bielomatik Sheeters and Ream Wrappers offers a cross cutter with edge trimming and slitting. The ream wrapper is rated at 60 reams/min with 2 out, and 30 reams/min with 1 out. 

    • Web-In-Slitter-WMweb

    Used 2006 MWU Automatic Web-In Slitter

    This MWU Automatic Web-In Slitter has a maximum paper width of 2200 mm (87”) with one slitting section and 4 slit heads. This is a stand-alone machine but requires a support platform. 

    • SheetrunnerSheeterWeb

    Used 2005 MWU SheetRunner Sheeter

    This 2005 MarquipWardUnited SheetRunner Sheeter is 2200 mm (87”) wide and features a bow-tie splicer, power positioned decurlers, and an accumulation conveyor for continuous stack and skid delivery. It also has the Marquip designed dual rotary direct drive 100L cross cutter.

    • preowned-doublefacer

    DOUBLEFACER: Used 2005 Doublefacer

    • Preowned-Downstacker

    DOWNSTACKER: Pre-Owned As-Is 1999 Downstacker

    • TSKWaterMarkforCoverPhoto

    Used 2001 Valmet 1450 TSK Sheeter

    This Valmet TSK Sheeter has 4-web capability and a dual rotary knife. It was built in 2001 and can have a pile height of 1500 mm (59”). The overlap tail blowdown section and 3-station slitting unit is Tidland Class 3.

    • SuperiorWebSheetControlLineSpeedWasteEjection
    • FusionKnifeStackerDesignedtogethertoprovideoptimalperformance

    Fusion Knife & Stacker

    Combination knife and stacker, designed together to provide optimal performance. 

    • pasaban-with-WM

    Used 1998 Pasaban Sheeter

    While Pasaban Sheeter is not one of BW Papersystems brands, we are offering this used paper sheeter machine for sale. It’s 1600mm (63”) and has a rotary knife with a maximum mechanical speed of 300 mpm (1000 fpm).

    • RQSVSheeter
    • PharmaInsertorIn-Mouldlabelprinting
    • Printedlightweightpaperonstack
    • Filmconverting-OptionalCoronatreatment
    • Stackoffilmsheets
    • BeerLabelSheetingSystem
    • FlexibleSheetorReelproductioninoneline

    RQS-V folio sheeter

    The RQS-V rotary paper sheeter offers variable size sheeting for lightweight paper and plastic film. Ideal as a stand-alone machine or in-line with a printing press, the sheeter’s production speed of 400 m/min meets the speed of the press. Learn more about the RQS-V Folio Sheeter machine.

    • WrapmaticGRM
    • reamsofpaper
    • GRMconponent

    Wrapmatic GRM

    This fully automatic folio-size ream wrapper, suitable for sizes from 297 x 420 mm (A3) up to 1,000 x 1,400 mm, efficiently wraps up to 17 reams/minute and handles all sorts of paper, board or aluminium plates.

    • SSRollstandwithWM

    MarquipWardUnited Marq 2 Rollstands

    The MarquipWardUnited Marq 2 roll stands can hold a maximum paper width of 2500 mm (98”) and roll diameter of 2135 mm (84”).  It is single-sided and has powered arms for mounting.

    • RSwithWM

    ROLLSTAND: Used Marquip 110inch Rollstands

    Pre-Owned AS-IS Rollstands

    • ECHWill1993WithWM

    1995 ECH Will Exercise Book Machine

    Pre-Owned Exercise Book Machine

    • Shear
    • CorrugatorComponentsOverviewSE1000DualRotaryShearDivertPan

    SE1000 Dual Rotary Shear

    High speed scrap divert and web sever capabilities

    • Pre-Owned2008MarquipWardUnitedGlueMachine

    GLUE MACHINE: Used 2008 MWU Eagle Glue Machine


    • TaLiner_Retusche_RGB
    • TagLiner2
    • TagLiner3
    • TagLiner4
    • TagLiner5
    • Ucode8promo002


    The TagLiner is the highest capacity chip attach solution in the RFID industry. It's a high volume RFID Inlay manufacturing machine

    • 2011Knife_Stacker

    KNIFE, STACKER & MCS: Used 2011 MWU Knife, Stacker, MCS


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