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SHM 1450 SR Sheeter

High-precision, reliable folio sheeter at an excellent price/performance ratio

The SHM 1450 Single Rotary sheeter is as flexible as your customers’ demands are: converting all sheet sizes and various products from conventional paper and board to premium and specialty products; this sheeter lets you flexibly react to all market requirements. Learn more about the SHM 1450 SR Sheeter machine.

• Cost-effective sheeting with highest accuracy
• Highly versatile in sizes and materials
• Superior press ready stacks
• Touch-screen interface for easy operation
• Sturdy, reliable machine for low maintenance

Ideal for...
• Converters of paper and cartonboards
• Sheet fed printers
• Folding carton printers
• Coaters and laminators
• Converters of speciality, film and sensitive products

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Folio-Size Sheeter: SHM 1450 SR Machine Overview Folio-Size Sheeter: SHM 1450 Machine in Production: Slitter Folio-Size Sheeter: SHM 1450 Stacks Folio-Size Sheeter: SHM 1450 Machine in Production Folio-Size Sheeter: SHM 1450 Machine Overview
metric imperial
Web Width (min.) 400 mm 16”
Web Width (max.) 1,500 mm 59”
Sheet Length (min.) 400 mm
optional: 279 mm
optional 11”
Sheet Length (max.) 1,500 mm 59”
Standard Sheet Length 1,500 mm 59”
Pile height (max.)incl. pallet -Standard- 1,200 mm 47”
Pile height (max.)incl. pallet -Optional- 1,700 mm 67”
Pile weight (max.) 2,000 kg 4,410 lbs
Web speed (max. mechanical) * 300 m/min. 984 ft/min.
Cross cutter knife load *
-Single web-
400 gsm
Cross cutter knife load *
-Multiple web-
500 gsm
Sheet squareness +/- 0.50 mm at 1,000 mm sheet width +/- 0.02” at 39” sheet width
White web sheet length accuracy +/- 0.50 mm +/- 0.02”
Cut-to-register accuracy +/- 0.15 mm +/- 0.005”

Entry-level folio sheeting at its best

Maximum flexibility
The SHM 1450 SR sheetercan run several sheet widths and lengths with a variety of different materials, giving you maximum flexibility in all converting aspects and an excellent value for your money.

High accuracy in cutting and slitting
With its high precision cross cutting unit, the SHM 1450 SR sheeter ensures high quality sheets and press-ready stacks. Easy size changing including digital slitter positioning allows for short runs.

Simple operation
This sheeter is designed for ease of control, accessibility and requires only a minimum of maintenance. The main operator control has a touch screen plus extra panels along the machine making it very operator friendly. You only require one operator to control your production output.

Best price/performance ratio
Sturdy and well-designed, you can rely on this sheeter to give you continued service for many years. The excellent price/performance ratio means that your investment will pay for itself in no time.

Optional CTR or CTW capacities
The SHM 1450 SR sheeter can be equipped with optional cut-to register (CTR) or cut-to-watermark (CTW) packages to convert pre-printed labels, cigarette cartons, etc., allowing you to profit from low print costs from web presses.

SHM 1450 SR - the ideal sheeter for cost-efficient, flexible
• Printing & writing paper
• Coated / uncoated paper & cartonboard
• Lightweight materials
• Films
• Non-wovens
• NCR paper converting of a variety of materials:
• Laminates
• Preprinted cut-to-register materials
• Self adhesive labels
• Watermarked paper
• Printed labels
• Sandwich wrap

• Cut-to-Watermark and Cut-to-Register


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SHM 1450 SR Sheeter
High-precision, reliable folio sheeter at an excellent price/performance ratio

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