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Wrapmatic GRM

High-Speed, Fully Automatic Folio-Size Ream Wrapper for Highest Performance
This fully automatic high speed, flexible folio-size ream wrapper, suitable for sizes from 297 x 420 mm (A3) up to 1,000 x 1,400 mm, efficiently wraps up to 17 reams/minute and handles all sorts of paper, board or aluminium plates. High cutting accuracy and precise glue application guarantee tight and blemish-free wrapped reams.

• Fully automatic wrapping process
• Suitable for a variety of applications & formats
• Quick size changeover
• Easy operation with simple, ergonomic feeding mechanism with short ream push (250 mm)
• Only 1 operator needed for full machine
• Precise positioning of reams & solid square pallet
• High cut-off accuracy & lateral trimming
• Hot melt glue system
• Modular system for expansion (incl. infeed system, palletizer and transport system options)

Appropriate for...
• Converters
• Paper mills

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Wrapmatic GRM reams of paper GRM conponent
 Technical Data
Mechanical speed/min.  up to 17 reams per minute
Ream width 420 mm / 16” (min.) optional:
297 mm / 11” (min.)
1,000 mm / 39”
Ream length
420 mm / 16” (min.)
1,400 mm / 55”
Ream thickness 15 mm / 0.6” (min.) 80 mm / 3” (max.)
up to 100 mm / 4"
Ream weight 6 kg (min.) 60 kg (max.)
Sealing method  Hot melt glue
Working height level 2,650 mm / 104"
Ream stack height - discharge incl. pallet  1,800 mm / 70" 
Machine weight  6,000 kg (wrapper only)

Fully automatic, efficient wrapper for highest productivity

The Wrapmatic GRM is a fully-automatic folio-size ream
wrapper that is ideal for converters and paper mills. It wraps
a wide range of formats and handles materials from paper
to aluminium plates.

Precise glue dropping point application
To pack very tight reams, it is important to set a glue
dropping point which cannot contaminate the paper. The
Wrapmatic GRM design and control of the gluing point
solves this problem easily, guaranteeing blemish-free
wrapped reams. The automatically adjusted palletizer keeps
the wrapped product perfectly aligned and stacked and
ready for transportation.

Modular system for expansion
With its modular design, the GRM wrapper is flexible and
can be easily added on to and converted for a wide range
of configurations to meet your requirements. Options
include various infeed systems, reel holders, palletizers and
transport systems.

Operational simplicity
The GRM is easy to operate, one operator sets up the
system from the touch panel for the required size. The
machine runs with a single roll stand, with a second one in
stand by, ready for a very quick wrapping paper change that
can be achieved in less than a minute.

A patented wrapping cycle
Highest wrapping quality and protection of the paper
product is ensured by a patented, fully automated wrapping
cycle. After the pallet is raised to working level in the
depalletizer, the ream is automatically squared, centred
and fed into machine to an intermediate belt conveyor. The
wrapping paper sheet is cut and wrapped around the ream
as it stops on the intermediate belt conveyor. The wrapping
paper’s tail is lifted by rear folder and brushes complete the
girth wrap. Then fixed and rotating tuckers fold in the side
flaps. Overfold of end flaps is done by helix folders. The
wrapped ream then is transported to palletizer. A hot melt
gluing system is used for girth and end seals.

• Modular system for expansion (incl. infeed system,
palletizer and transport system options) 

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Wrapmatic GRM
High-Speed, Fully Automatic Folio-Size Ream Wrapper for Highest Performance

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