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Wrapmatic GREC

Folio-Size Paper Ream Wrapper
Compact, flexible folio-size ream wrapper for small to mid-range production
This automatic folio-size ream wrapper handles ream sizes from 297 x 420 mm (A3) up to 1,000 x 1,400 mm and flexibly wraps materials such as paper, board, off
set aluminium plates or plastic sheets.

• Fully automatic wrapping process with manual infeed
• Suitable for a variety of applications & formats
• Flexible with quick size changeover
• Easy operation, only 1 operator needed
• Reel-fed wrapping material
• Compact design for small footprint
• Hot melt glue system
Appropriate for...
• Small to mid-scale converters of various materials

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Ream Wrapping Machine: Wrapmatic GREC machine overview Ream Wrapping Machine: Wrapmatic GREC Reel Holder Ream Wrapping Machine: Wrapmatic GREC Machine Details Ream Wrapping Machine: Wrapmatic GREC Rollstand Ream Wrapping Machine: Wrapmatic GREC Reams wrapped on Pallet
 Technical Data
Mechanical speed/min. up to 8 reams per minute
optional: up to 10 reams per minute
Ream width 420 mm (min.)
optional: 297 mm (min.)
Ream length 420 mm (min.)
Ream thickness 15 mm (min.)
Ream weight 6 kg (min.)
Sealing method Hot melt glue
Pallet stack height - infeed (incl. pallet) 1,000 mm
optional: 1,750 mm
Pallet stack weight - infeed 1,000 kg
optional: 2,000 kg
Working height level 1,000 mm
Ream stack height - discharge (incl. pallet) 1,000 mm
optional: 1,800 mm
Suitable products for wrapping Paper, paper board, NCR papers, coated papers, plastic sheets (60 - 400 gsm), metal plates
Wrapping material Kraft & poly-coated paper (80 - 120 gsm), reel-fed
Depalletizing from single stack
Palletizing single stack / double stack / quad stack
Size changeover time 1 - 6 Minutes
Machine weight 3,800 kg

Flexible wrapping of various materials & formats

Automatic solutions for small to mid-scale converters
The Wrapmatic Grande Risme Easy Compact (GREC) is a compact automatic folio-size ream wrapper that is ideal for wrapping a wide range of materials from paper to plastic sheets. In addition the Wrapmatic GREC is characterized by its flexibility (quick size change) and easy operation.
Quick size changeover times for high flexibility
A size changeover time of 1 to 6 minutes machine ensures quick order changes. Wrapping material from the reel includes Kraft or poly-coated paper.
A patented wrapping cycle
Wrapping quality is ensured by a patented wrapping cycle. After the pallet is raised to working level in the depalletizer, the ream is manually squared, centred and fed into machine to an intermediate belt conveyor. The wrapping paper sheet is wrapped around the ream as it stops on the intermediate belt conveyor. Rear edges of the wrapping paper are lifted by rear folder and brushes complete the girth wrap. Then
fixed and rotating side folders fold in the side flaps. Overfold of end flaps is done by helix folders. The wrapped ream then is transported to palletizer.
Easy operation and small in footprint
Because the GREC wrapper is so easy to operate, only one operator is needed. The machine’s compact design requires only a small floor area and no foundation or special floor requirements.
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Wrapmatic GREC
Folio-Size Paper Ream Wrapper

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