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WrapMaster FSW 500HL

High-Speed, Fully Automatic Folio-Size Ream Wrapper for Highest Performance
 For current owners of the FSW 500HL, this fully automatic folio-size ream wrapper is a reliable, sturdy machine, ideal for smooth and heavy-duty operations at paper mills. Its modular design suits all requirements. Suitable for sizes from 297 x 420 mm (A3) up to 1,000 x 1,400 mm, the wrapper efficiently wraps up to 16.5 reams/minute - at perfect wrapping quality.

Fully automatic wrapping process

• Non-stop pile change with automatic pallet & ream centering
• Very tight wrapping, special folding technique protects ream edges
• PLC controlled automatic size changeover within 40 seconds, incl. automatic slitter positioning
• Available with straight infeed of up to 3 piles
• Easy and ergonomic operation, with minimum infeed distance
• Options include double palletizer, 4 reams stacking for small sizes or empty pallet systems

Appropriate for...
• Paper  mills

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Folio-Size Ream Wrapper-FSW 500HL Folio Size Ream Wrapper: FSW 500: Depalletizer Folio Size Ream Wrapper: FSW 500: Wrapping Process Folio Size Ream Wrapper: FSW 500: Wrapping Process
 Technical Data
Mechanical speed/min. 12.5 reams/min. (max. ream size)
16.5 reams/min. (min. ream size)
Productivity Ø 4,500 reams/8 hours (one size) (HL)
Ream width 420 mm / 16” (min.) optional:
297 mm / 11” (min.)
1,000 mm / 39”
(max.) Double stack:
650 mm / 25” (max.)
Ream length 530 mm /21” (min.) optional:
420 mm / 16” (min.)
1,400 mm / 55”
Ream thickness 15 mm / 0.6” (min.) (optional:
10 mm / 0.4”)
80 mm / 3” (max.)
Ream weight 4 kg (min.) 40 kg (max.)
Roll width wrapping paper max. 1,600 mm / 63”
Roll diameter of wrapping paper reel 1,000 mm / 39”
Pallet dimensions - depalletizer Min.:
420 x 530 mm /
16.5” x 21”
1,020 x 1,420 mm /
40” x 60”
Pallet dimensions - palletizer Min.:
420 x 530 mm /
16.5” x 21”
1,400 x 1,400 mm /
55” x 55”
Size change time 40 sec.
(min. to max. ream size or vice versa)

• Unwind for 1 up to 4 rolls Wrapping paper infeed
• Automatic positioning of slitters during size changes
• Constant wrapping paper tension due to perforation cut
• Automatic trim rewinder

Ream infeed
• Automatic positioning of operator platform according to ream size
• Ergonomic operator position & minimum infeed distance

Ream intake
• Automatic ream height check
• Especially suited for sensitive papers
• According to customer‘s specifications
• For non-stop pile change
• Automatic pallet & ream centering
• Minimum size A3
• Stacking of 4 reams per layer for small sizes
• Stacking table for leftover reams, located on side of the operator
• Sheet insertion to prevent layers from slipping during piling
• Automatic central lubrication system
• Double palletizer
• Empty pallet magazines or empty pallet recycling system
• 6-roll unwind
• Faulty ream inspection

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WrapMaster FSW 500HL
High-Speed, Fully Automatic Folio-Size Ream Wrapper for Highest Performance

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