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ServoGrafix Rotary Die Cutter

Superior Registration with a true Servo Machine

The 16.29 (66.115) ServoGrafix Rotary Die Cutter product line is a price competitive, direct servo driven opening and closing rotary die cutter, capable of producing high quality graphics.

  • Designed for quick setup
  • Direct Drive Servo technology
  • Less power consumption than conventional servo products
  • Modern controls platform and diagnostics with remote diagnostics
  • Minimal ink loss at color change
  • Direct Drive Feeder with Variable Feed
  • Variable Speed Anvil
  • Belt Transfer
  • Single or Chambered Blade System

Image gallery

ServoGrafix Rotary Die Cutter Overview 16.29 (66.115) ServoGrafix Rotary Die Cutter: Print Unit 16.29 (66.115) ServoGrafix Rotary Die Cutter: Printing Cliché 16.29 (66.115) ServoGrafix Rotary Die Cutter: Quality Test

SGX 15000 - 66" x 115" (1676 mm x 2921 mm)

  • Minimum Die Cut Sheet: 16.5” x 24” (400 mm x 610 mm)
  • Maximum Die Cut Sheet: 61” x 107.5” (1549 mm x 2730 mm)
  • Sheet caliper: .040” - .400” (1 mm – 10 mm)
  • Print Image across machine: 24” – 110.75” (610 mm – 2813 mm)
  • Machine speed: Up to 192 sheets per minute

Feed Section:

The ServoGrafix belt style feed section follows the legacy of the most accurate feeder in the industry. This direct servo driven feeder offers computer controlled feed stroke, reduced setup, quick feed belt change, and minimal maintenance requirements.

Flexo Unit:

The ServoGrafix flexo unit offers outstanding color-to-color registration. Available stretch and shrink print correction contributes to a revolutionary ink system providing the ability to achieve exceptional graphic results. One touch in loading and wash-up minimizes setup times.

Die cut section:

Continuing the legacy of the legendary Ward die cutters, this robust unit converts all board grades from solid fiber to double wall. Standard variable speed anvil system with Shark anvil cover refinishing system is included. Serrapid die board mounting system is optiona for quick setup capability.


The ServoGrafix is designed with sustainability in mind. The direct drive servos, along with the efficient controls system consumes less energy than other servo driven rotary die cutters. The ink system reduces ink loss and functions with a minimal amount of water. The vacuum transfer system features a highly effective filter system providing a cleaner and quieter production environment.

  • Carbon Fiber Chambered Blade System
  • Quick Change Anilox Roll System
  • IR Drying and UV Curing
  • Quick Mount Printing Plate System
  • Serrapid Quick Mount Die System
  • Print Correction (Stretch and Shrink)

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ServoGrafix Rotary Die Cutter
Superior Registration with a true Servo Machine
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