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MaxPro Rotary Die Cutter

A Robust Set-Up-While-Run Machine
  • Designed for high durability and productivity
  • Customizable from 2 to 6 print sections
  • Complete servo control for excellent print quality
  • Belted feeder and belted vacuum transfer for superior registration
  • Fixed frame architecture with pitted print units
  • Shark Anvil Trimmer provides superior anvil trimmer/compensation
  • Simple, sophisticated controls are backwards compatible, eliminating obsolescence
  • E, B, C and double wall flutes
  • Controls compatible with any ancillary equipment
  • Easy access to areas of maintenance

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MaxPro Set Up While Run Rotary Die Cutter Rotary Die Cutter- MaxPro Set up while run Machine Overview

Ротационная высечка 16.32 MaxPro 66”X 128” (1676 мм x 3251мм)

  • Минимальный размер заготовки: 21” x 22” (533 мм x 559 мм)
  • Максимальный размер заготовки: 61” x 129” (1549 мм x 3277 мм)
  • Минимальный размер высечки: 21” x 22” (533 мм x 559 мм)
  • Максимальный размер высечки: 61” x 128” (1549 мм x 3250 мм)
  • Максимальная толщина гофрокартона: .4” (10 мм)
  • Номинальная скорость: до 200 листов в минуту

Ротационная высечка 16.28 MaxPro  66”X 113” (1676 мм x 2870 мм)

  • Минимальный размер заготовки: 18” x 22” (457 mm x 559 mm)
  • Максимальный размер заготовки: 61” x 113” (1549 mm x 2870 mm)
  • Минимальный размер высечки: 18” x 22” (457 mm x 559 mm)
  • Максимальный размер высечки: 61” x 108” (1549 mm x 2743 mm)
  • Максимальная толщина гофрокартона: .4” (10 mm)
  • Номинальная скорость: до 200 листов в минуту

Feed Section:
The MaxPro Rotary Die Cutter features a full servo controlled feed table for high performance and fully automatic setup, as well as rack and pinion drive of side guides and feed gates. A freestanding backstop allows for better operator and maintenance access.

Print Unit:
The MaxPro features a roll-out anilox roll for easy and safe changeover. Pitted design allows for setting up next job while machine converts current run.

Die Cutter:
The die cutter offers a simple, ultra-robust system. The featured dual belt drive system requires less maintenance and improves system performance. Machine includes fast cutting die mounting and removal, and automatic “on the fly” anvil cover trimming.

Controls System:
The MaxPro features simplified state of the art controls architecture. PC-Based controls are organized, consistent, and arranged by frequency of use with user-friendly and intuitive operator interfaces. Also featured are machine conditioning monitoring, expanded fault logging, and enhanced online help including schematics.

  • Serrapid Quick Die Mounting System
  • Customizable 2 – 6 print units

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MaxPro Rotary Die Cutter
A Robust Set-Up-While-Run Machine

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