Passport Machines

With about 70-80% market share we are the world leader for passport finishing machinery. The four independent machines for the complete finishing process can be easily configured for all known types of passports. Since the introduction of e-passports with RFID chips for biometrical data, we have designed and successfully installed corresponding machine modules in existing and new machinery and have gained a vast experience.

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    PassPort 1

    The PassPort 1 machine binds passport or saving books by collating and sewing together different components. The machine is equipped with sewing machines for chain and/or interlock stitching.

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    PassPort 2

    The PassPort 2 machine laminates covers, e-covers and/or chip-inlays onto layers sewn by PassPort 1.

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    PassPort 3

    The layers which have been sewn and laminated in PassPort 1 and 2 are separated into single ups, folded and cut to size in a die cutting station using the PassPort 3 machine.

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    PassPort 4

    After the books have been sewn, laminated and cut to size using the Passport 1, 2 and 3, the PassPort 4 numbers the books with a gothic number and/or a laser perforation.

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