Book Binding Industry

No other industry has experienced as much recent change as commercial printing. Digital media is gaining ground as an advertising medium. For you as a commercial printer, this means your production process has to be flexible and cost-effective in order to meet the new market realities. We want to support your efforts with our machine products and solutions.


Application examples

  • Pads

    For all pad manufacturers we can offer a solution. Starting from reel, large layer strip, single up, glued, stitched, backstripped, thick or thin– our product portfolio can handle it.

    End product
  • Bound Stationery Products

    Fully and semi automatic machines for the manufacture of ​bound products. With a variety of optional equipment the machines can fulfill all needs concerning value-added products. We also bind with paper.

    • EcoBinder | The Paper Ring Binding Machine
    • ProBind | Spiral, Plastic Spiral and Double-Wire Binding Machine
    • P 12-49 | Semi Automatic Machine for Steel Spiral and Double-Wire Products
    • P 42-49 Semi Automatic | Semi Automatic Machine for Steel Spiral and Double-Wire Products
  • Punched Products

    Machines with highest precision in punching for trouble free converting of mixed materials for cardboard and paper materials.

    End products
  • Double Wire

    In state of the art design the wire forming machine constitutes of a self-sufficient unit, either tied in with a binding line as finishing unit, or as an independent unit for double wire production on spools.

    • ProLoop | Double-Wire Forming Machine
    • P 44-96 | Double-Wire Forming Machine
    ProLoop Endproduct - Double Wire


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